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Group F Discussion - Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia

Guest Kamy100

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Roque must be so chuffed he went to City.

Doesn't make the Paraguay starting line-up apparently.

We should be delighted that he left. He did us a massive favour. We couldn't sustain 60k+ p/w wages with his awful injury record. I hold no malice toward him.

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I really hope Paraguay get the opening goal, if there is one, otherwise this could be a very dull game of football.

From an objective point of view, I see your point - Italy will try to kill the game off by keeping the ball and passing around Paraguay if possible. I can enjoy a bit of passing around though, so if it was up to me....

Now that you got your wish though - I think we will see Di Natale come on, possibly for Marchisio. Problem is, he hasn't played for Juventus, so Lippi won't play him... Only De Rossi, Montolivo and Gilardino has taken that challenge yet - hopefully both Di Natale, Palombo and Pazzini will.

Marchetti on now - at least he's not a Juve player.....

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28 yrs to the exact day since our World Cup Finals debut, its been a very long time between drinks. Alot of nervous excitement around, and despite the freezing temps, and shocking weather, I am sure the big outdoor screen they have set up in here in Wellington will be packed.

NZ Football is riding a wave at the moment, and a win here would be immense for our local game.

Nelsen has 2 young centre backs besides him for tonight's game, so his leadership will be very important. Only 1 change from our starting line up that beat Serbia, Ivan Vicelich comming into the midfield.

New Zealand (3-4-3): Mark Paston, Winston Reid, Ryan Nelsen, Tommy Smith, Ivan Vicelich, Simon Elliott, Leo Bertos, Tony Lochhead, Shane Smeltz, Rory Fallon, Chris Killen.

White is the new Black.

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Slovakia is a decent team, but they are not impossible to beat for a physically strong NZ side. Hamsik, Weiss and Stoch are all exciting prospects, but they all have in common that if NZ play a tight defensive game, with an aggressive style, they might just be bullied out of the game. Here's to the Admiral keeping a clean sheet and heading home from a set piece.

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Foxxx, I admire your optimism,but like mine with the Aussie team, it's a little overestimated.

Still, good luck in tonights game

We could be hammered, but who knows, thats part of the magic of the World Cup, anything can happen. There hasnt been an upset yet, no reason why we can't cause one :)

We have our best group of players we probably have had at one time, a good manager, and playing tactics that suit our players, this is our best chance to make NZ history. A point would be great, a win would be fantastic.

Ivan Vicelich will prob be the only currently amateur player to play the World Cup so far I would think.

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So glad the Italians failed to win - hate them with a passion. Their fans love themselves & their team is full of diving wimps.

All Italians love themselves now?

I'm hoping they improve as my wifes half Italian but it's not looking great for them

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What an excellent half, kiwi's playing out of their skin and Slovaks are lost on ideas.

Disagree that it is boring, NZ are playing three up front and the slovaks have a very different style, I am liking it. Actually looks like a Premier League game.

We have to remember that only the Admiral plays in a top league, there rest are made up of, lower english leagues, out of contract, A league or local NZ players.

I have Hamsik in my fantasy team so heres to a few later.

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It will be interesting to see what tactics NZ will use now they're a goal down. Slovakia look to be in control but if NZ can keep them out for another 15 minutes then I can imagine them to try and push up more and go for an equaliser.

Hamsik has looked pretty disappointing today. I was expecting him to be the key man today but he's gone missing so far.

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