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[Archived] Venky's Xprs

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I wonder if the chicken suits and celebrity transfer issues are part of a Machiavillian Venkys plan. They name seemingly outrageous targets (Maradona and Ronaldinho), get weeks of mockery in the press (all press is good press, even bad press) and when that ultimately tapers off, in an ultimate stroke of brilliance land a yet to be named celebrity star at the end of the transfer window, guaranteeing weeks more of press. Which includes redeeming the Venkys good name as they had the money and actually land the star, despite ridicule.

Regardless, Venkys is getting a lot of name recognition. Lets hope that it can convert that name recognition to something positive for them and the Rovers.

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I've been travelling India the past month(Last day today) and I've not seen a Venky's restaurant or anything Venky's in the shops or nothing!


They only announced the company launch the other day lets give them a chance to get the shops built, Pune would appear to be ground zero so if your hungry make your way there.

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Let's be honest that the press will slag us off because they do not believe little Blackburn has the right to be linked with decent players. They were doing so on Sunday Supplement (again). They were having their usuallove in about Arsenal Manchester United etc. So let them as has been said no publicity is bad publicity.

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