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[Archived] What would be your Rovers lineup and formation?

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On the understanding that although Rovers are top of the league, we all think that we are fortunate to be so. Performances would tend to suggest that we are going to walk this league. I think to date we have been extremely fortunate.

What should the team selection be and what formation should we use to make the fan base happy?

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Orr Dann Givet Mt. Olsson

Etuhu Murphy

K-Richards Gomes Mk. Olsson


I think The Olssson combination on the left flank would work really well. they are both good going forward and Martin is a better defender. Richards, Gomes and Rhodes could potentially get a shed load of goals in this divison and with the right tactics Murphy could spread the ball all over the place with the amount of pace on the wings.

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having seen the 3 homes games, and away at leeds, we are very very fortunate to have come away with the amount of points that we have

at times we have bordered on the edge of abysmal yet somehow are top of the league.

this in my mind sums up the massive divide between the quality of the prem & the championship

we should walk this league with the quality we have in the squad.

Rhodes and Gomes are clearly class; Murphy is a liability in a soft midfield - somebody should tell him the game is about working as a team, and not spending 90 minutes waving arms at the ref!!!

my team:

GK: Robinson

LB: Olsson

CB: Givet

CB: Dann (under duress as he is the best of a remaining bad bunch)

RB: Ribeiro

LM: Nunes

CM: Pederson

CM: Etuhu

RM: Kazim-Richards

F: Gomes

F: Rhodes

Champions by 15 points with that side..!!

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GK: Robbo (think he's awful though, always kicks long, throw it out you prick)

CB: Givet

CB: Dann

CB: Hanley

LWB: Olsson

RWB: Kazim

CM: Etuhu

CM: Murphy/Dunn

CM: Formica

ST: Rhodes

ST: Rochina/Gomes

I'd try and be more offensive than defensive. My wing backs would be pushing on as wingers unless we were on the back foot. Which we shouldn't be at this level. Both wingers would be great outlets to catch sides on the break with a lethal strike force. Formicas energy in midfield would give Murphy or Dunn more space and time to free our international wingers down the line. Set pieces I'd drop Olson to left back and go to a temp 4-4-2 in defensive phases. Then next phase push him back out back to a 3-5-2.

So an attacking 3-5-2 with the ability to switch seamlessly to a 4--4-2.

I think i have more tactical acumen than Kean!

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Ribeiro Hanley Givet Henley

Kazim Vukcevic Etuhu Mt Olsson

Gomes Rhodes

Would like to try that and see how it goes......Murphy would be much better with options on the wing but Simon could drive forward with the ball and leave Etuhu sitting back.

See how the Polish keeper does.....if he doesn't impress, put Robbo back knowing he needs to play well to keep his place......Rochina for Gomes around the 60 minute mark.

Murphy to come on for Vukcevic or for a winger with Vukcevic going wide....or for Bruno with Henley going RB and Olsson going LB or for Henley with Olsson going LB.

Nunes to come on as well with a similar scenario to above.

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With everyone fit...


Lowe Dann Givet Mn Olsson

Kazim Murphy Etuhu Pedersen

Gomes Rhodes

I think i have more tactical acumen than Kean!

I'm not sure Kazim-Richards at right wing back counts as tactical acumen! 3-5-2 has been long dead for a good reason. We'd hammered down that right wing in that formation.

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To the two people above who've picked MGP above Martin Olsson or Nunes on the left - seriously?? Take it you've not been to many games this season then. If anything I'd put him in midfield instead of Murphy, but he's been absolutely dire out wide.

For me:




Kazim.....Gomes.....Martin Olsson


Possibly Martin Olsson at LB and the kid Nunes wide left.

Bring Ruben on for Gomes after 70 mins or so.

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I also liked what I saw of Henley but he seems to have vanished off the planet. I agre re the goalkeeping situation, Robbo's throwing too many in for my liking, if Bunn was still here I'd have to give him a game. Don't know enough about the Polish goalie. I know people think I've got a down on Pedersen but I seriously it's like playing with 10 most of the time. I've only seen the highlights as I'm a stay away but our Achilles heel is our midfield. Formica /Ribeiro -Murphy -Etuhu -Pedersen does not put fear into the hearts of any other midfield in this division, only Etuhu can realistically be seen to have earned the right to wear the shirt as opposed to being given it regardless of performances. Kazim-Richards can't come back quick enough for me.

My team for tomorrow with several ( @ ) having had the hard word re current lack of form.

Robbo @





Formica @

Murphy @


Olsen - the footballing one



Subs - anybody you like

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