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[Archived] Rhodes or Best?

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so why did he sign a target man in the summer.

plus where does a fox in the box fit into the Arsenal formation in 4-2-3-1.

Who's the target man for Arsenal chaddy?

If you mean Podolski, firstly he's hardly a target man and secondly, in the 4 2 3 1 formation he plays him wide.

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i think he meant Giroud..

Who is definately a target man. Decent signing too for once. What happened to Wenger? Used to have the midas touch but most of his signings for the last five years have been average with a few exceptions (Vermaelen, Arteta, Carzola maybe).

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Arteta's good, just not that high a standard. If he's one of the worst players in the starting 11 then that's fine, but if he's one of your key players then you're not going to go far in the Champions League.

Monreal was a good signing.....Koscielny looked a good signing last year, Podolski would be if he was played in the middle, Oxlade etc might prove to be one but the rest weren't very good.

I'm undecided about Giroud....he's certainly not in the Van Persie/Suarez bracket anyway.

They need about 5/6 players imo. I would like to see them get them, and a new manager.

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