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[Archived] Rovers vs Bolton - by m1st :)


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Do you mean Lee? I thought he was Boltons best player by a mile yesterday, and turned Kane inside out a few times. In defence of Kane he stuck to it well and got an assist too.

We laughed when we saw that Lee was playing fairly well because Korean tv follows all the exploits of Korean players and a week or 2 ago when we were watching the best they had was one misplaced pass by I can't remember who. they'll have loved a bit of decent play.

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I have spent all weekend I the presence of Bolton supporters and every one of them has commented on just how different a Rovers team took to the pitch on Saturday.

it was a superb performance from the off.

What is so good about it is that we have fans leaving Ewood with smiles on their faces at long last. GB and his team have got this Rovers squad fit for purpose, they play a neat passing style of football, they have hunger, energy and a will to win that ball back. Yes, there are some small problems but for me, we are seeing a Rovers team and squad being built for a shot at promotion.

Its very early days but as we saw Forest take the points at Ewood, Bolton are a big scalp early in the season. They wont play that bad all season and will no doubt come good as the season progresses.

I have been a cynic of Lowes however what we have seen is put him alongside a creative player and leave him to do the dirty work rather than asking him to be flamboyant and we see a different player.

Kean still fills me with a little dread with his positioning at times. he needs a confidence builder as the next game wont be for the weak hearted and we can ill afford a dodgy keeper in 2 weeks time.

Kane and Spurr - two good defenders who can run, can pass and who can deliver a killer bit of pace at times.

Hanley and Dann - get better and better. The foundation of our progress.

Cairney - some quality football from this lad, as he gets fitter I think we will see big things from him.

Lowe - solid whilst defending and doing the dirty work, plenty of energy.

Marshall - steady game and unlucky not to score on debut.

King - he is a monster in this form. Whatever they are feeding him keep him on it. Needs to learn to supply a finishing pass rather than wasting a chance at goal.

Dunn - what a finish. Plugs the gap between midfield and JR. If only he could go further than 65 mins. His experience is vital in this set up.

Rhodes - another 2 goal salvo with cute finishes. The look when he scored goal number 1 said it all. he is happy wearing our colours.

Subs - Morris looks out of place, Taylor is a classic workhorse of a player who wants to win, Evans what can we say about that finish ? Lets hope he can get to full fitness and soon because I am sure we have a quality player on our books.

Roll on dingles

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How can Look North have Kevin Gallagher on talking about transfers and the weekends Championship, show goals from Blackpool and Burnley games but not a word about Rovers , I'm gobsmacked .

Even more odd given we were playing Bolton. Unfortunately the press and media football coverage begins and ends with the Premier league. They never used to suffer so much from tunnel vision before the Prem was dreamt up.

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It's keaning annoying because in this lancs/Gtr Manc region us an d Bolton are the next biggest clubs after the Manc giants yet we both have always had dire press coverage. Even going back in the day to that thing with Elton Welsby on we were largely ignored, they prefered to be all over Oldham and even Tranmere because of Aldridge.

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OOPS! I posted in the wrong thread.

Bolton game:


O Instance of very good play

O Instance of decent play

O Disappointing or poor play

O Terrible play

h hoof upfield

( ) set pieces


Kean OO




Spurr OOOOO(O)OOhh







Taylor OOOO


Morris OOO

Highlights and Lowlights

5 Fantastic run by King down the wing and into the box, cross is easily blocked.

10 Beckford allowed through for an open shot on goal. Poor challenge by Marshall . Lowe was covering Beckford but brushed aside or slipped.

14 Lowe breaks up play twice and slides a lovely pass to Dunn.

22 Under pressure, Dunn fires a great cross into the box. Rhodes is taken by surprise and fluffs a free header.

25 King sprints to edge of box from halfway line, squares to Dunn who beats 3 players then the goalie.

26 Through ball from Dunn to Rhodes who beats his man to score.

35 Dunn squares ball across the edge of the box to Marshall who’s first time shot is tipped on to the post.

42 Quality passes from Kane to Dunn to Rhodes who hits a great shot but brilliantly saved.

44 Kane skinned, Kean fails to hold incoming shot, Marshall and Kane both move forward leaving opponent unmarked – he scores.

51 Kane clears off line.

68 Evans screamer!

75 Taylor flings his body at ball to pull off a great block.

80 From nothing King holds off defender and blast a shot narrowly wide.

81 King makes another good run past 3 defenders towards the box but shot is well over.

82 Kane robs defender and puts the ball on a plate for Rhodes second.


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