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[Archived] Rovers Review Videochat

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Does Mikey Delap post on here?

Topman, you've got a bit of Ed Norton about you mate!

Nah he's the head honcho of vital Blackburn if it's still going.

Good bloke.

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I really enjoyed them too and long may they continue!

We actually trialled using exactly the same set up around the time of the Legends game, but it all fell apart as we couldn't get a good enough anchor person, so I have ultimate admiration for Anna Lousie in pulling this off .... and I have to say I'm personally very jealous as it's one online first for Rovers that BRFCS didn't get.

Talking of such things, the podcasts WILL be back. We wanted them (and a whole bunch of other "coming soon" stuff) in place for the start of the season, but we've ... erm ... "misplaced" a vital resource for doing it. But they will be back one way or another soon.

I also need to start planing something else to grab us a Rovers first as it can't be this :)

By the way, if you're a fan of Anna Louise, then check out our YouTube channel where you can see the interviews she did for us at the Legends Game (we really should have got her a box for the Craig Short one!).


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watched this yesterday and the idea has potential - the natural progression from the podcast I suppose. If the live show is to become popular (as opposed to people watching on 'catch-up') then it needs to go out at the same time every week...and yes I know that is easier said than done when people are giving up their time for free.


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