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[Archived] Confirmed: Football Magazine Will Publish Article On Blackburn Rovers

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Some of you may remember that I wrote earlier that I've contacted norwegian football magazine Josimar regarding Blackburn Rovers and our misery with Venkys.

They have now confirmed that they will have an article about it in the next magazine.

Who are Josimar: They are a group of digging journalists, with a big heart for the sport. You may remember the case about the new UEFA-president - how he's not qualified in line with UEFA's own rules, and possible corruption involving the scandinavian FA's. The article they did about that went viral, after they published it in english online, ang got snapped up by The Guardian and others.

One of the articles

The Guardian

Threats about lawsuits did not stop them.

I'm currently trying to put together a document with everything that's been going on since the Venkys arrived, linked together with the documents we all got from Glen, to make sure that they get everything that we've got. I think they will also try to dig and see if they can find any wrongdoings going on with Jerome Anderson and his time at Man City.

However, there's a LOT that I don't know about this. Also, I don't consider myself the right person to talk on the supporters behalf in that article (as a norwegian).

So.. If Glen, Kamy, Philipl, the venkysout.com guy, and everybody else who may have something to contribute with please make contact at cluck_off@outlook.com ?

Also, I remember someone made a timeline with everything that's happened since 2010.. somewhere on the WWW.. Anybody got the link to that one?

As I've said before, yes it's only a norwegian magazine, but they've proven before that they are able to publish articles in english and bring attention from worldwide.

So please contact me if you've got something you'd like to share. If you're interested in just answering questions about how life as a Rover has been for the last few years and so on, that's also something they would be interested in, Just let me know.

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It's nice that so many likes my post, but come on.. This is our chance to scream out everything that we know or feel. You don't have to e-mail me, just write what you'd like to share with the world right here. You have any questions, any proves, any suspicions? Bring it!

As I told those who contacted me: Everything you know, everything you've heard, every rumour and bullshit.. Just put it forward, and let the investigating reporters work on it and see what they can prove.

Also, as I said: Please excuse my damn english. You do get my point, I hope :)

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What a fantastic opportunity this is to get this out to the wider footballing audience. Just a thought, but Glen's Blog has everything on there, up to a certain time. I am sure the bit after can be easily commented on, so that's possibly a good start.

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Formica's magic Italian passport and the 3rd party issues that miraculously disappeared.

Rochina's fee and the agent that got nearly 5 times in agent fees.

How Appleton and Coyle were appointed out of nowhere

Who placed Eric Black, Nigel Winterburn and particularly Jensen into positions on the staff

That game against Spurs

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