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Season finale: Rovers vs Birmingham City

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2 hours ago, JHRover said:

No club can or will be FFP compliant with no matchday income in 14 months and counting.

We are releasing 15 players and likely to sell our biggest asset for millions.

Why are we worried about FFP?

If the league still hand out sanctions for breaching FFP rules after the last 14 months, it just reinforces thay they aren't fit for purpose.

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Kipre left on loan in January. But I dont think that anyone said that Kipre wouldnt be a squad player there. The point was that he presumably didnt go with the attitude that he would never kick a ball and that he intended on giving his all to play at a higher level. That coupled with a massively higher wage meant that it was only a biased party that could suggest that they would have made a different decision to Kipre at that time.

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On 10/05/2021 at 03:19, BlackburnEnd75 said:

I'd have kept Bell as backup to Pickering. 

There will too many other issues to solve this summer other than backup left back.

He's no world beater but he's played better many times than some posters on here have given him credit for (he was better than Mr. Expensive-Promotion-Supposed-Set-Piece-Specialist-Douglas all season) and exactly what do we want from a a backup left back who should mostly be on the bench? Pickering will be our first choice left back. Williams is now stateside so....surely Bell as backup makes sense? 

Like you said, our priorities for bringing in players this season should not be in spending money on backup left backs.

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