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As you have probably just read on the news, Rovers have just announced their long awaiting return to Dublin. This time we are playing Bray Wanderers on Wednesday 6th August. Here is some info to help.

Bray is a tourist town 21 miles South of Dublin, within easy reach of the DART train sevice from Dublin centre.

Currently many airlines offer very very cheap flights to Dublin (especially Ryanair from Leeds and Liverpool) and we expect the many Rovers fans will be staying in Dublin itself rather than Bray (last train between the two seems to be 23:30) to sample Dublin's excellent night life.

Bray Wanderers play at "The Carlisle" which looks a similar standard of St. Patricks where Rovers played a couple of years ago and the are know as the Seagulls . They are currently 4th in the Irish 1st Division.

Handy Websites

http://www.ryanair.co.uk - Ryanair

http://www.visitdublin.com/ - Dublin Tourist Info site

http://www.visitdublin.com/maps/dartmap.asp - A map of the train route from Dublin to Bray

http://www.bray.ie/ - Bray Tourist Board (includes how to get to Bray and hotels)

http://www.braywanderers.ie/ - Bray Wanderers

http://members3.boardhost.com/braywanderers/ - Bray Wanderers Messageboard

http://www.bray.ie/business/pubs.htm - Pubs in Bray

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RyanAir are doing cheap flights from Liverpool and Leeds

We are going Wednesday - Friday for about 60 quid.  Wed - Thurs is a little less.

They also do flights from Manchester and Blackpool but they are more expensive.  Air Lingus operate from Manchester as well and are reasonably priced.

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Managed to get Wednesday Morning out, Thursday Evening back, from Leeds for £50.

So, is everyone staying in Dublin and getting the DART down to Bray, or staying in Bray its self ? I think the chance to spend the night in Dublin itself will be too tempting.

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Bloody part-timers.  :)  I didn't even get to the Pats game, as I didn't know about it.

Stay in Dublin by the way. I'm sure we'll see you all around for the game, maybe even organise a meet-up.

Any questions anybody has about Dublin you can ask me, but I know b***er all about Bray as I have never been to a game or on a night out there.

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Well its great to see Rovers back in the Emerald Isle! I also missed the Pats game, as i was caught up with work and a bit of socialising in Fermanagh.

I'm in the process of organising a venue and finding out the pubs in Bray. Our counterparts in ROI should know a bit about Bray and once we have everything sorted then we'll post back onto here.

If anyone is going, mail me or the Dr. and we'll keep in touch with them. Any other queries then please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Once this season is over, then the celebrations will begin in Bonnie ol' Ireland!!

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Anyone going? thinking about going with some mates. should be good and go round Dublin.

Dr Rich- Hughesy no text speak, learn punctuation, if you can't be bothered, I'm not going to be bothered editing and will just end up deleting them.

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Wont be booking fights until the 2nd of May but HOTSPOT and i are both definatley going. My parents have went to Bray two years ago and they told me there are quite a few pubs but only one good one. most likely be staying wed and thurs night. Are the majoriy of people staying in Dublin?
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Am i been slow

Yes, and it's being slow.


Wont be booking fights until the 2nd of May

Certainly sounds like you are looking for trouble, Joe.   All that way for a bout of fisticuffs.

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