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[Archived] ***rovers To Return To Bray***

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Booked me flights (the Smurf is coming too this year).

Fly out from Leeds on Saturday at 10:40 and return on Monday at 20:30. for £153

Next job .... find a hotel. Not the North "Former Brothel Right next to the railway line" Star this time I think.

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notice there's nothing announced on the official site - USELESS!!

Lee has put something on the official messageboard, but it does beggar belief that nothing else has got on there as offical news. Unless its only available to those who get that crappy sms service first

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Nothing on the SMS service to date. BTW the SMS was a long way behind when the fixtures were announced. Clearly Lee doesn't text very fast biggrin.gif

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It's ok putting it on a messageboard but like you said it should really be put on the official website! unreal, but it's not the first time and I doubt it will be the last!

Can't go to Bray im on hol, would have liked to have gone though. ah well not long til Germany!

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Got a stag weekend in Nottingham that w/e ...

... but consulting the Ryanair website, 10pm on Saturday night from Nottingham East Midlands to Dublin is £3.99, and the coming back on Monday lunchtime is £3.99 ... 28 quid return all in with tax ...

... oh dear it would be rude not to

... I'll have been on the stag do Fri night and most of Saturday ...

... it'll be ok to leave on Sat, won't it ??


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