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[Archived] Souness

Are you happy that Souness has left  

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Hi, Newcastle fan here.

What i want to know is do you rate souness and are you sad to see him leave? The vast majority of us are shocked and not happy with this signing and it is generally seen as a poor appointment. Not the man we think can take our club to the next level.

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I suspect the Newcastle board see Souness as the man to bring a bit of discipline back to St James' Park, considering the stories we've heard about the unrest in the changing rooms.

Trouble is, we have had more player unrest under Souness than any other manager since Jim Iley. Short term he might do OK for you, I would doubt he's the man long term.

I wish you and Souey well, the guy certainly worked his socks off at Ewood.

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After the shock of it wore off, I have to say, on balance, I'm happy.

I think he'd run his natural course here, although I was willing to give him more time (unlike some). Perhaps we needed someone else to come in and shake things up.

The team seemed to lack motivation last year, and I don't think he managed Cole or Yorke too well (particularly since he bought them), and i think he'll struggle with Bellamy and Dyer in particular.

A really strange appointment, we're worse off in the league than you are! Personally, I think you took him because you couldn't get any other respactable appointment.

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Feel a sense of relief about him leaving at the moment.

We've been stuck in a rut for a while now, the wheels were spinning away but we weren't getting out of it to be honest.

Unfortunately for NUFC fans I can see him definitely falling out with the stronger characters in the dressing room, the likes of Dyer, Robert & Shearer spring to mind.

No hard feelings towards Souness however, I respect him for the good things he acheived at our club.

He's certainly got his work cut out with the massive expectations of the barcodes fans and sorting another dodgy defence out.

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not sure how he will do, he was very good at signing players good enough for a top 8 club but when it came to big money he had problems, whether he can operate at the highest level of transfers and tactics, well PL history would say no, but he was a good manager a few seasons ago so he may do well, really its hard to tell

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Another 94 pages of debate about Souness here.

Controversial chap our Souey.

Glad you finaly got your eigth choice for Manager- saved us from having to sack him.

Has Dyer booked himself into Newcastle General to have his leg reconstructed following a training ground accident a week on Tuesday yet?

That said, if he does as well for you in his first three seasons as he did for us, its going to be a good time to follow the Toon.

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Great guy, excellent leader for the club but maybe his luck had run out at Ewood & I expected him to be sacked rather than poached. Bear him no ill will at all, has done a marvelous job for us but think todays announcement was in the best interests of both us & Souey tinykit.gif

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Have the geordies got a message board with all their views on?

As for bothered? No. To be honest he was on his last legs at rovers. And if it was up to some members on here, he would of been gone a long time ago


this is a temp board while the main one is moving server (on today of all days) www.toon-chat.co.uk being the normal one.

Maybe he will excell when he gets his hands on Fat Freddys wallet? 

thats a big worry, no offence to you but some of his signings for your lot don't fill us with confidence. we're having nightmares of amorouso joining our already suspect defence...

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Souness was good for us on the whole Rikko but his time had come.

Your fans are not making things easy for him already are they? with the greatest of respect where in gods name does this massive weight of expectation/arrogance come from your supporters?......................


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Agree with the worries about Amo when you look at him his individual skills/shortcomings, but our defense plays much better with him in the lineup.

He's had good buys and bad, just like most managers, but I think he's left us with a good squad.

Just remember when he brings in someone on a free that you think will be useless, that Brad was brought in on a free and most people thought he would be useless.

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Can't help but feel we have got a great deal here, we have got compo for a manager that had lost the plot, constantly coming out and contradicting himself, he was becoming a joke.

He has fallen out with too many people and it had started to cost us when we couldn't replace them, rikko be prepared to lose, Dyer, Bellamy, etc...

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the huge expectation comes from no trophys in almost 40 years, and the fact we have probably the second largest fan base in england. And if a manager the fans think is qualified for the role (not one who has successfully led you towards relegation) he'd get the support. Realistically most were hoping for O'Leary (Hitzfeld ideally). So the the feeling of "what the (Please don't use that word again) is going on" when souness was announced was over whelming, and i don't expect him to get a good reception on saturday or indeed against Hapoel on thursday...

He's got a huge job on his hands if he is going to win the fans over.

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