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  1. If he takes us down - to complete the "journey" - will he wait to be sacked so he can pickup compensation for the last year of his contract?
  2. Douglas is utterly SHOCKING. Weak, cluess always going backwards and terrible delivery from set pieces. Branthaite is way of his depth and gives the ball away in dangerous positions. Looked a relegation shambles from start to finish.
  3. That's the size of it. If the STC gets planning permission the proceeds of sale will be banked and everything shoehorned into the JTC with a minimal spend and inevitable loss of Cat 1 status.
  4. So many passengers in tonight's team. Travis and Dack both nonexistent and in Travis's case, a liability. Totally inexperienced central defenders who lack any sort of defensive management. Numerous occasions that Watford strikers left totally unmarked such as for the farcical first goal. Douglas is appallingly slow and Sarr simply breezed past him every time. Kaminski's distribution is kamikaze and any manager with half a brain would be stopping that nonsense.
  5. Land with planning permission for residential development has a value of about £600,000 per acre in the North (closer to £1m in the south east) so 20 acres (approx) has a sale value of £12m. As rule of thumb the land value is about one third of the value of the completed dwellings. In that case each of 170 houses would have a sale value of about £200k each. In practice there will be further costs for the approach roads and community buildings so asking prices likely to be c£150k. Based on this analysis Venkys are sacrificing the Academy for very little in relation to either their debt or the p
  6. Dack's playing as if its a testimonial match. Travis looks like he hasn't played for a couple of years and has forgotten everything he ever knew.
  7. Travis absolutely terrible. A total liability, giving away possession for fun. He's so far off the pace and is slow in both thought and movement. Just keeps falling over, claiming for free kicks that correctly are not given. Even Downing would be less of a liability in CM.
  8. Pearson would have gone to Bristol City in any event as he lives in the south west and City are a much better run and financed club than Rovers with potential equivalent to his one of previous clubs, Leicester. He would have had no need to suffer Venkys in their now downsizing mode.
  9. Left back will have to deal with Sarr who destroyed us in the first match. Neither Bell nor Douglas are up to it.
  10. Travis looks like he's muscle-bound. Only a shadow of the player he was 2 years ago.
  11. Time to reopen this topic. Definitely looking down not up and seriously concerned about where at least 3 wins are coming from with this threadbare squad. Comparisons with Hull last season are realistic not scaremongering.
  12. That would leave any caretaker just 10 games to get at least 10 points to avoid relegation. Probably doable if there are no more serious injuries - but a big ask with the fitness record of this squad.
  13. Only 11 points off the relegation places. More points required to stay up. Where are they coming from?
  14. Waggott is up Mowbray's a**e so won't be any change until he leaves.
  15. His distribution is appalling. He's a million miles off Tosin.
  16. How in God's name did he manage to play nearly 200 games in the Championship or above. He should have stayed on loan at Oldham. Even that's probably a level too high.
  17. He's in a comfort zone of playing for his local club and having only walk-on parts that don't put him under any real pressure. Nice work for someone with little ambition.
  18. Stability Rovers is a fallacy Mowbray has created. The squad will disintegrate this summer as the few out of contract players who should be retained actually leave along with the loanees and the only regular goalscorer Armstrong for a knockdown fee further depleted by a sell-on fee to Newcastle. The prospects for nex season are frightening.
  19. Rothwell does nothing and did nothing tonight. Won't be missed if he leaves.
  20. I expect we''l see more of TM's favourites, Bennettt and Buckley, in the remaining. Just when you think it can't get any worse....
  21. Same knee in the same place as last year. Probably seen the last of him.
  22. Trybull has too many unexpected last minute omissions from the squad. Norwich manager commented that Trybull throws his toys out when omitted from the team. I suspect that's the answer to your question
  23. Very few players make their PL debut over 25 unless in a promoted team
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