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  1. roversmum

    Pitch Invasion of sorts

    Throughout the season disabled fans sitting in the pitchside front seats have had to put up with fans standing in front of them and in many cases refusing to move - especially the young cocky ones. It started at Doncaster about halfway into the second half, the stewards looked totally helpless to do anything. I went over to some young lads and asked them politely to move and got a mouthful of cheek and they went straight back I did take a photo of them which probably was a mistake and one of them followed me taking photographs of me! . If you look at the videos the disabled are nowhere in sight with fans in front of them and of course they had no hope of seeing anything. I do hope there is not a pitch invasion at Ewood as yet again there will be disabled, elderly and children who will miss out.
  2. roversmum

    Reserves @ Bamber Bridge

    From other topics and discussion groups on boards/facebook etc I am sure they were Rovers fans. It seems to be happening more and more frequently, sadly. I knew quite a few of those behind the goal by the club house, I'll ask them when I see them again what, if anything, they heard. Edit: The steward did seem quite sure too, but he could have got it wrong I guess.
  3. roversmum

    Reserves @ Bamber Bridge

    I did say we were sitting in the stand, Russ, and there was certainly no abuse where we were. I can only assume behind the goal as that is where the steward was. He was quite upset about it.
  4. roversmum

    Reserves @ Bamber Bridge

    He didn't. I was very disappointed to hear from a steward on the way out that some of our 'supporters' were behaving disgracefully towards our players, loudly verbally abusing them. Sitting in the stand we didn't hear any of this but at Bamber Bridge it is possible to get very close to the action and it is a shame that the young lads playing had to be subjected to it. It's getting beyond a joke now and needs to stop. Doubtless some of these people are those who moan that our Manager will never attract good players. They need to look at themselves first I feel, this kind of behaviour will become known generally and what player would want to play for a club whose supporters can only relentlessly abuse them for the slightest perceived misjudgement? Que the usual "I would take any abuse to be paid that sort of money" comments... It's easy to say when you are not on the end of it. It's bullying, nothing less.
  5. roversmum

    RIP Wozaup (was BLESMA Charity Football Match)

    Sorry to hear this sad news. RIP Warren. Thoughts and prayers to the family
  6. roversmum

    The sad passing of "Kelbo".

    Sorry to hear this news. Thoughts and prayers to the family; RIP Kelbo.
  7. Posted under an hour ago on Twitter: BRFC TRUST ‏@BRFCTRUST With the Trust going from strength to strength, we meet our Player Ambassador this week so he can embrace his role before a grand unveiling! ...
  8. roversmum

    New Kitchen Fitting

    We got a new kitchen from Homebase a couple of years ago. Far too expensive although managed to get a bit knocked off here and there - for example if you want a company to get cooker, washing machine etc you can get them to match the cheapest price you can find. Had to source an air filter myself though in the end. Took three sets of taps before we got a half decent one, and that isn't the best - and they only had a choice of three. Recently discovered the sink had not been properly fitted - too late to get them back to fix it. Had to have the tiling completely ripped out and re-done. Ditto a wall of cupboards which were not straight. The fitter had a family crisis in the middle of it and disappeared never to return although in his favour he did sort out some electrics elsewhere in the house. It looks ok now, but because of the steep price we couldn't afford new flooring so I had to source as near a match as I could. Had to have walls re-plastered and it didn't include any of that in spite of the promise that they would attend to everything!! Still reeling from the price. Best of luck...
  9. Has anyone bothered to actually READ this post?
  10. roversmum

    Emma McDougall - R.I.P.

    A young, vibrant woman has lost her life. My heart goes out to her loved ones at this dreadful time for them. God Bless you Emma, a sad loss and a member of the Rovers family. RIP
  11. roversmum

    Brighton vs. ROVERS Match Thread

    Oz Rover - there is a message in your PM box
  12. Thought a few might be interested in taking part in this: http://www.supporter...h/free-project/ Further information: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d465ca49525vpxf/SHORTWithcall_ParticipantInformationSheet_Qual1.pdf
  13. Ah so that's why they were in so early for the Disabled Supporters Party. Unfortunately they arrived so early to the party that many of the disabled supporters had not arrived and also left earlier than they usually do - so were sadly completely missed by some.
  14. Indeed. However: Inclement weather On TV Lot of Christmas Events going on Still not going because (insert name of poster) not happy with (insert who/whatever) etc.

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