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  1. des

    Swansea City away

    I wonder what bull our manager will come out with at full time.
  2. des

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Well the same old same old we cannot defend and hence no matter how good weight be going forward if a team cannot defend its curtains I have been behind the manager but enough is enough either sort out the defensive side of our team or go
  3. des

    Nottingham Forest Home

    To date playing at home in this match no shots on target 😂
  4. des

    Derby V Rovers

    Well there all played well I have not written that is a while lol but man of the match night he ran the midfield and that's why we won
  5. des

    Derby V Rovers

    Well playedlads and how come Dolan was set free by Preston looks a good young player to me keep going second half
  6. des

    Summer Transfer Window

    At last another good signing things are looking up
  7. des

    Bournemouth away

    For me it's no good playing well but getting beaten we made to learn to win and quickly and that means a far better defence
  8. des

    Leicester away

    Watch the first half on there TV website we played ok but the full backs of ours look s bit weak to say the least
  9. des

    Thomas Kaminski

    At last a new signing and not in loan too. Look like s good keeper tells hope he turns out be
  10. des

    Summer Transfer Window

    Good but it's thekeeper any good we hope so but that sounds cheap to be our number one keeper
  11. des

    Summer Transfer Window

    When or when will we sign someone if ever lol
  12. des

    Friend in Need

    Glad to hear you are on your way to getting better
  13. des

    Peter Whittingham

  14. des


    Well nice one lads let's not blow it this time round you never know we could go😀

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