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  1. rossyrover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Hanley was a useless player for the Rovers a red card waiting to happen if we are so desperate as to resign him then we must be in a dire position I would rather we played some of the young lads.
  2. rossyrover

    Luton Town away

    Most talented/gifted players are naughty boys and good managers find a way to get the best out of them that's the difference between success and failure as a manager players like Chapman will produce if coached in the correct manner.
  3. rossyrover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Going back from the mid sixties through to the seventies, eighties and the Walker era I always felt the Rovers were controlled by people who had the club and fans at heart now after following the club for 55years I do not feel that anymore Bill Fox said the premier league would destroy club football as we knew it and I think he may have been right.
  4. rossyrover

    Millwall Away

    Joe Rankin-Costello is going to be some player pity most of the others are miles away just like the management team time forTM to go and something fresh or who wants to watch this next season again.
  5. rossyrover

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    After watching Rovers against Leeds I am at the point even though its free to season ticket holders that I cannot watch anymore of this utter dross being served up by TM rovers team the commentators alone are enough to make you fall into depression let alone the team surly if the club has any ambition the end must be near for TM.
  6. rossyrover

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Barnsley were bottom they made it look like Rovers were bottom Tony Mowbray time go and bring in a manager who can organise the team so embarrassed.
  7. Does Christian Walton know goalkeepers are allowed to punch the ball especially on crosses when he is being put under pressure by Wigan players another mistake which cost the Rovers dearly getting to be every game at the moment.
  8. Great win for Rovers enjoyed watching the game on iFollowRovers keep it up against Wigan.
  9. What rubbish at Derby from the rovers its time for a change of manager someone with better connections and more ambition or next season will be just as mediocre.
  10. rossyrover

    January transfer window 2020

    Well at least we have goals from set pieces back with Mulgrew if only the manager new how to use this gift.
  11. rossyrover

    Forest V Rovers

    Time Mowbray went he has had long enough time to develop a pattern of play he wants the team to follow instead each game the team is set up to play a different system which totally confuses both the players and the supporters he spend millions on a young striker who clearly is not unto the job while the need for an experienced goal keeper and centre half is there for all to see.
  12. rossyrover

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    Chapman should be given a chance if fit on the right and Rothwell on the left with Graham in the centre replaced after 70 minutes with Gallagher at centre forward not right wing still think Mowbray time as manager should be at an end.
  13. I like Tony Mowbray as a decent human being who gave us rovers supporters our pride back during our promotion run from division one but its beginning to look like he has reached the limit of his ability and to take the club further requires a change of management.
  14. rossyrover

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Most goalkeepers would suffer and make mistakes with rovers present defenders in front of them.
  15. rossyrover

    Preston Away

    Rovers have needed two experienced central defenders and a goalkeeper for at least two seasons neither of our current centre backs both of whom are converted from other positions are up to the job as for putting a young inexperienced goalkeeper behind them is a stupid decision all we seem to sign is midfield players and young expensive strikers time for Mowbray to go.

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