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  1. I don't understand this one. We need to make a permanent signing. Gallagher on loan is just an expensive stop gap and we will have to find someone this time next year. Avoid.
  2. Harrison for the rumoured £875k would be a smart piece of business. He's got all the raw attributes and has far more composure than Samuel will ever have. He is one who would thrive with better players and could be worth 10x more with a breakthrough Championship season. Don't judge him solely on his goal record. Josh Kings was bang average for us but we knew he had something if given the right environment.
  3. robbojohnno

    Rovers International Updates

    Greg Cunningham, George Friend to name a couple at Championship level but I'm not a scout.
  4. robbojohnno

    Rovers International Updates

    If we could get anything north of £1.5million I'd take the money and trust Tony to reinvest and use Bell as our left back. Williams works hard and is dependable but there is a lot better out there.
  5. robbojohnno

    Rovers International Updates

    Is the game available to watch anywhere?
  6. Diego Forlan on a free anyone? 39 now but would be a marquee signing and might fancy one last farewell in England? Maybe this sun has gone to my head.
  7. robbojohnno


    You do realise there is a difference between being the bookies favourites and being odds on favourites? Ie the favourite in the national is around 10/1 so although favourite, it's unlikely to win. Us and Wigan were favourites but if I remember rightly only around 4 or 5/1. So the bookies had us favourites buts odds were actually AGAINST us winning League 1. If we were 4/5 to win the league you'd have a point. Sheff United were favourites to win this league for years and failed so stop being so negative on the achievement. It's not a miracle but it's a job well done to turn this sinking ship around.
  8. robbojohnno


    I wasn't happy with the loss yesterday and the selection choices but in fairness the goal was a fluke and we had the better of the chances and on another day the result could have gone differently. The title has gone now unfortunately but I'd have taken 2nd back in August no doubts about it.
  9. robbojohnno

    Charlton away April 28th

    Just a few decent pubs/bars, I'm not too fussed. Probably be looking to be out till no later than 2ish.
  10. So as we look forward to what will hopefully be a promotion party this week, what has been your favourite game of this gruelling League 1 campaign? We didn't start well but how big was that first win at Bradford who hadn't lost at home for over a year? Peterborough and Blackpool away was plenty of goals but for me it has to be Shrewsbury at home. It was a massive game in the context of the season but both the fans and the players were superb as we ran out fairly comfortable winners. Bennett was in central midfield for the first time and controlled the centre of midfield alongside Smallwood.
  11. robbojohnno

    Charlton away April 28th

    Do any of our London based Rovers know where will be best to go and (hopefully) celebrate our promotion on Saturday night? Staying in a hotel in Charlton but not sure if that's the place to go.
  12. robbojohnno


    Completely agree with this. Tony has his flaws ie overly cautious, questionable selection/tactics but all manager have their faults. If he manages to get us up then he has done a good job and one that not too many others could have done. In June we only had a sprinkling of full-time contracted players left, many of which could have decided to leave but didn't. He signed the best player in the league along with several other shrewd signings for this level (smallwood, downing etc). He has given youth a chance to a certain extent (raya, nyambe and others on occasion) and the future of the club looks a lot more positive than it has for years (albeit Venkys are still here).
  13. robbojohnno


    Zero class from Paul Cook, no surprise at all!
  14. robbojohnno


    Coleman has the same points from 28 Championship games with Sunderland that Mowbray got us in 15 games. Mowbray has a promotion to the Premier League to his name. Chris Coleman is clueless as shown at Fulham and Coventry and Sociedad. He had a once in a generation Wales side that played in Gary Speeds honour to get to the euro 2016 semis and then he failed to get them to the world cup this year. One of the strangest things I've ever heard that someone would want Coleman over Mowbray. Well done sir 😂😂
  15. robbojohnno

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    What does it take for Derrick to be dropped? He offers nil attacking threat and is just very average in general. Time to freshen things up and bring Bell in next game. That miss today was horrific!

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