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    Mixed it with Leeds, West Brom and Derby pretty well who have all secured play-off spots this year. Yes they are over egging it to get ST sales but we have certainly mixed it with some of the bigger/better teams in the league. Our failures against lesser teams was more worrying.
  2. robbojohnno


    An idea I thought of to get money in but also give an incentive to fans would be to give a 'bonus' top up to those who preload their season ticket cards next season with money to use in the ground. Example; £50-£99.99 = 10% top up by the club £100-£199.99 = 15% top up by the club £200+ = 20% top up by the club This would bring in revenue up front for the club but also gives something in return to the fans who get a little bit extra in return for loading up their season tickets with cash up front. Am I talking rubbish?
  3. robbojohnno


    Great initiative, we should try to get as many as possible sold and look to put on a show. Announce season tickets a couple of weeks before at a fair price and we should see a few more through the turnstiles next season.
  4. robbojohnno

    Rovers Player of the Year

    Graham only contender for me. Important goals and our only striker we could rely on all season. Without him where would we be?
  5. robbojohnno

    Next Manager

    Danny Cowley would be my shout if Mowbray leaves/gets sacked. Will Venkys even know who he is? No chance.
  6. Obviously it is difficult to comment on the training that goes on behind closed doors but I think it is abundantly clear from the lack of progress and failure to learn from our mistakes that the coaching at Ewood Park is not up to scratch. I do believe Mowbray is a good man manager but really worry that we aren't going to progress with the current coaching setup. From my understanding Ben Benson is the GK coach and he was promoted from the u18s along with David Lowe who became first team coach? Last year it seemed to be our quality of players at that level that pushed us over the line and never did we have a particular style of play. This year whereby we don't have the best squad in the division and need the coaching and development of a style of play it appears our coaching isn't up to scratch. Just wondering if I am talking rubbish or if people agree that our current backroom staff department is severely under par?
  7. robbojohnno

    Mowbray’s Future

    Tony needs to stop with jobs for the boys and bring in a younger coach with fresh, modern ideas that can help the team. I have very little faith in David Lowe and Mark Venus and Tony clearly is not a tactical genius. I still back him at this stage but ask me again in October.
  8. robbojohnno

    Brentford v Rovers

    Nuttall and Graham both with a brace. 0-4
  9. robbojohnno


    Adalberto Penaranda Maestre worth a late move on a loan deal from Watford. Can play up front or wide and doubt his wages are daft as he's only 21.
  10. robbojohnno


    When he joined we were in the bottom 3 with many fans fearing we might never recover. He managed to get 22 points from 15 games but failed to keep us up. Just shy of 2 years on we are 10th in the Championship with one of the most valuable assets in the league in Dack (a Mowbray signing). We have a young squad with considerable potential and this season certainly isn't over yet. Mowbray certainly has his flaws, his tactics, Brereton signing and love for the dreadful Williams but overall he's done a great job. That could all change in a few months as things change quickly in football but to say he's not good enough is naive and silly.
  11. robbojohnno

    Championship 2018-19

    I'd say our squad is worth a lot more than £23million surely. Dack around £18milllion, Mulgrew at £3million, Nyambe £3/4million, Raya similar, Lenihan similar again. Then you have young players like Armstrong and Travis who are worth a few bob and then the rest of the squad. I'd say a figure of £35million would be more accurate.
  12. robbojohnno

    Lewis Travis

    Should be a mainstay in central midfield for many years. What a talent we have on our hands.
  13. For 80 minutes Mowbray got it spot on and the likes of Mulgrew, Lenihan, Travis & Dack were on top form. Evans started the game well off the pace and by dallying on the ball we were almost undone early on but Raya showed off his impressive reflexes. Newcastle play at a ridiculously slow tempo which played into our hands and we deservedly led with a superb Bennett cross and a Dack bullet header. Let's make this clear, he is not a playmaking number 10, he is a second striker and a brilliant one at that! Shelvey made a difference when he came on and some naivity by Evans plus some questionable subs meant we had to settle for a replay. The stars of the show were Dack and Travis but plenty of others impressed in what could have been a difficult game. Travis has the energy that Evans and Smallwood don't have but also more nous, forward thinking and leadership qualities. He was constantly instructing players 5/10 years his senior where to position themselves to help stop Newcastle attacks mounting to anything. Dack was a menace as he often is when he has the stage to impress and he took his header like a prime Tim Cahill. The game proved again, for me, that Evans is just an average Championship midfielder. Sure he will do a job and is effective against lesser teams but if we have any ambition the likes of him and Derrick Williams should be nowhere near the starting 11. It's time for Mowbray to get a bit more ruthless to help us progress further in the next 18 month's. Travis and Reed can become a formidable midfield pairing and I just hope Mowbray can see that. Replay Prediction: 1-0 Mulgrew
  14. The problem is Mowbray doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes and the same problems keep reoccurring. I'm not sure his coaching staff are up to it at this level, we don't have a style of play when we have the ball and seem to rely on the likes of Dack and Graham or even Mulgrew producing a moment of magic. He refuses to accept that the likes of Williams and Evans are quite simply not good enough at this level, I'd even argue they didn't do a great deal in League 1 bar the odd spell of form. We have managed to sign Reed on loan who appears to be a quality central midfield player but Mowbray carries on with other poorer options and plays Reed out of position. Lastly his transfers in the summer look to be a disaster in Brereton and Armstrong so there isn't much hope in January. Worrying times but he deserves more time.
  15. robbojohnno

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    First half I don't know how we survived. The team selection was wrong but thankfully it was rectified and the 2nd half was more even and competitive. The 2 deep lying central midfielders don't seem to have the ability to play football but are purely there to be solid, organised and break up play. I think this needs to change and Reed appears to have more of an all-round game. Also the omission of Rothwell is a mystery when you compare his performances to the likes of Armstrong and Palmer.

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