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    Today we make a real statement - 0-3.
  2. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    The lads played really well today after Tony finally got his selection spot on! Here's my thoughts - https://bobbysblag.com/2017/10/21/you-only-blag-when-youre-winning/
  3. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    A real hard fought win last night. Here's my blog on the game! https://bobbysblag.com/2017/09/13/another-huge-three-points/
  4. Rochdale Away

    A great win yesterday against a poor Rochdale side. Here's my blog on the game. https://bobbysblag.com/2017/09/10/rovers-too-good-for-rochdale/
  5. BRFC Blogs

    Ive started a blog and am happy for it to be used on the site.
  6. Transfers Part 3

    2nd time you have stated this incorrectly. We were 23rd when he arrived. He failed to keep us up but so would most others in the mess we were in. What was the points difference from safety when he joined compared to the end of the season. 5/6 points?
  7. Transfers Part 3

    Evans has been poor for years to be fair.
  8. Transfers Part 2

    Id want at least £2million for Lenihan. 500k is pathetic. He has built a fantastic understanding with Mulgrew so we need to do our utmost to keep them.
  9. Transfers Part 2

    Yep and I don't believe we will go with 2 up front and Dack in behind. It would be very attacking and I don't see Mowbray as that type of manager based on last season. I think we need a striker to rotate with Graham and play together on certain occasions - chasing games etc.
  10. Transfers Part 2

    Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers had Sterling in behind Suarez and Sturridge. I would suspect we would have to have another main striker to rotate with Graham and play alongside him occasionally. If we could get a striker with pace that can play as both a winger and a striker this would be ideal and help with Mowbrays flexibility in terms of formations.
  11. English League predictions 2017/18 season

    Premier -Man City Championship - Birmingham League 1 - Rovers League 2 - Luton
  12. Transfers Part 2

    Didnt he go to Scunthorpe who were in the automatic places with him in the team? They dropped off towards the end when he wasn't around. If he can help our team get into the automatic places in this season I couldnt care less if he can't make an impact in the Championship. His job is purely to get us up and out of this league.
  13. News Article -> Whittingham Signs for Rovers

    How do you define 'Joe average player' ? Average for League 1 level that we will be playing next season? 7 goals and 7 assists last season as a bit part player doesn't strike me as average and that is at a higher level than we will be playing next season. I agree he is nearing the end of his career but feel he has plenty in the locker to give us 2 years of good performances, particularly at League 1 level.
  14. Mark Venus Joins as assistant to Mowbray

    @Athlete Weren't we 2nd bottom when Mowbray arrived? Mowbray was a million miles better than Coyle, the points per game are evidence of this. Unfortunately the damage had already been done despite a very good end of season run.
  15. I didn't get a ST last season as I couldn't stomach watching Owen Coyle on the touchline. I did attend all home games under Mowbray at the end of the season and have just bought a ST for next season. I accept that might be a mistake when Mowbray walks out in August due to Venkys failed promises but I cling onto the hope he hangs around. A proper footballing man, something the club has sadly missed during the Venkys reign & a decent manager I would say.