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  1. robbojohnno

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    First half I don't know how we survived. The team selection was wrong but thankfully it was rectified and the 2nd half was more even and competitive. The 2 deep lying central midfielders don't seem to have the ability to play football but are purely there to be solid, organised and break up play. I think this needs to change and Reed appears to have more of an all-round game. Also the omission of Rothwell is a mystery when you compare his performances to the likes of Armstrong and Palmer.
  2. robbojohnno

    Thursday deadline.

    Lithuanian wonderkid?
  3. robbojohnno

    Ipswich away match thread

    I'd say it's a strong lineup but not sure what Bell has to do to get a start, he provides an outlet with his pace and attacking intent. I'll be positive and go 1-2 Lenihan and Dack.
  4. robbojohnno

    Thursday deadline.

    This season 8-12 I'd say injury permitting.
  5. https://fantasyfootball.telegraph.co.uk/championship/home I've only just noticed this and it is free to play as long as you aren't also playing The Telegraph version of the Premier League or Champions League game. £50 million budget to pick 11 players. You can choose from a number of different formations. I've created a league if anyone wants to join. League Pin: 8166816 Password: 1875.
  6. robbojohnno

    Championship 2018-19

    It's as open as it's ever been IMO even with the parachute payments for the relegated clubs. Here's my predictions for the league on the whole including Rovers.. https://bobbysblag.com/2018/08/01/efl-championship-preview-18-19/
  7. robbojohnno

    Season Preview

    We have some very good players in Mulgrew, Dack, Lenihan and Raya but need some more attacking options quickly. I think most of our games will be low scoring tight affairs and we will come somewhere between 10th - 18th.
  8. robbojohnno

    Pre Season Matches

    How's Dack playing in the false 9 role? He might be needed there next season...
  9. robbojohnno

    Thursday deadline.

    Signing Maddison would instantly take it from a fairly poor window to a good one. IMO he will be worth north of £10million within 18 months if he avoids injuries. He has vision and creativity that we severely miss. Kent may turn out great but we would only have him for a year and the better he performs the less likely he stays beyond this season. If he is signed on loan in addition to Maddison I'd be happy with that. Striker wise I'd be looking at 2 from Amstrong/Harrison/Gallagher or others not yet mentioned eg hidden gems like Gestede a few years ago.
  10. robbojohnno

    Thursday deadline.

    I don't understand this one. We need to make a permanent signing. Gallagher on loan is just an expensive stop gap and we will have to find someone this time next year. Avoid.
  11. robbojohnno

    Thursday deadline.

    Harrison for the rumoured £875k would be a smart piece of business. He's got all the raw attributes and has far more composure than Samuel will ever have. He is one who would thrive with better players and could be worth 10x more with a breakthrough Championship season. Don't judge him solely on his goal record. Josh Kings was bang average for us but we knew he had something if given the right environment.
  12. robbojohnno

    Rovers International Updates

    Greg Cunningham, George Friend to name a couple at Championship level but I'm not a scout.
  13. robbojohnno

    Rovers International Updates

    If we could get anything north of £1.5million I'd take the money and trust Tony to reinvest and use Bell as our left back. Williams works hard and is dependable but there is a lot better out there.

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