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  1. SamTheLeedsRover

    Away shirts

    I picked up a flawless, legitimate unsponsored one, on eBay for £6. Absolute steal
  2. The season reviews of 00/01 and 01/02 are the best place to see Jansen in full flow. He played with such enjoyment and confidence, it is/was a pleasure to see. Right up there in terms of the most talented players to don the blue and white in my lifetime. Contrast with 02/03 review and you can see the difference in him. Looked quiet on the pitch, shy smile. Such a shame. Tord Grip has a lot to answer for. looking forward to getting this book, as he is a thoroughly nice guy and I’d like to know more about his journey. Will alas be waiting for the price to come down a bit. May even be a bit niche to feature in ‘the works’ random selection of autobiographies.
  3. SamTheLeedsRover

    West Brom Away

    There was actually more blame on the 2nd goal. Lenihan just stood there in the box watching the player lay it off to Livermore once it had come back off the bar. He should have been out straight away to close it down. Johnson should have been marking Livermore. All far to casual and easy for them.
  4. SamTheLeedsRover

    West Brom Away

    Agreed. It was all on Cunningham. Stupid thing was he looked up and almost encouraged Walton to come despite being on his line. He should have already cleared it by then, or immediately done it at this point. it was obvious that Walton/defence had been asked to play out from the back yesterday. None looked Comfortable doing it, and most times we almost immediately lost the ball and put ourselves in trouble. You could see and hear the confusion on their faces and how they gesticulated to each other.
  5. SamTheLeedsRover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I would not openly advocate firing Mowbray as he has done his part in restoring the club to some level of stability. However, it’s painfully clear that we won’t go any further with him in charge than at best mid table. The powers that be have to decide where they want Blackburn Rovers to be in 1, 3, 5 years time, and what is the best way to get there. unfortunately, the problematic status quo seems to be that the powers that be are Waggott, Mowbrays chum. Therefore, him leaving soon seems unlikely regardless of results or performances. Id just like a team with a clear identity to get behind, which has been missing since Hughes, dare I say it even Allardyce, as ugly as it was. 10 years ago now. Even in the kean and bowyer years, it was easy to blame Venkys. Now Mowbray has brought the level of stability, the blame mostly seems to lie with him. Perhaps I’ve always been relatively spoilt with the Rovers teams I’ve seen since the 90s, and I should now accept that my team is basically not all that, and just not that good.
  6. SamTheLeedsRover

    West Brom Away

    It’s the way you lose. The three goals were pathetic. We don’t seem to have a style or create any noteworthy chances. Contrast that with the simple, fast West Brom balls inbehind the fullbacks which tore us apart at times. There is talent in the team, but no clear direction to exploit this. We are a pretty boring team to watch
  7. SamTheLeedsRover

    West Brom Away

    15 minutes of pressure start of 2nd half time without creating much at all. last 15 was a joke. We wasted as much time with the ball as they were at every chance. going nowhere with Mowbray. Depends what is ultimately desired for the club going forward. We won’t go down, but there is no chance for top 6.
  8. SamTheLeedsRover

    West Brom Away

    Absolutely diabolical defending for all 3. Players haven’t got a clue what they are doing. this could be a rout
  9. SamTheLeedsRover

    West Brom Away

    Going again to this one after a cracking yet cold day out last year, finishing with Smallwood as goalkeeper and not conceding. Be nice to see a goal or two, yet not holding much hope given our current goal scoring record this season. Point be a decent result, but I think WBA will edge it. the food/drink options inside were pretty poor last year. One catering place open for away fans, with lots of singing away fans blocking the way. Not knocking that at all, but didn’t fancy queuing up before the game and getting a shower of beer descending from those who were enjoying s day out up on other’s shoulders. I’d grab some food outside before personally.
  10. SamTheLeedsRover

    Kits 19/20

    The teamwear is out of stock on footballkitsdirect, but I’ve pre-ordered one of the blank 3rd templates for £15.75, free postage to school, on the off chance they come back in. My sister runs a print company meaning she can print me the badge and leave the sponsor off. Happy days if it works. Some benefits to having a template and printed badge!
  11. SamTheLeedsRover

    Pricing at Ewood.

    My local club geographically now, Shrewsbury Town, have pop up Woods brewery bars in every concourse. £3.60 for a pint of real ale. My dad has MND so not made it to Ewood for a while now as I go with him to the Town games occasionally due to his reduced mobility. £4.50 for fosters would sadly not entice me back to Ewood sooner!
  12. Has anyone mooted Matty for the u23 job yet? Would be a cracking choice IMO. Did a good job from what I can see at Chorley
  13. SamTheLeedsRover

    Ep 117 - It Might Possibly Be Scott Parker At Fulham

    Listened to this whilst out long running today - entertaining listen, thanks to all involved. just to pick up on Kamy’s reference to the German defender and meeting the agent from a Hannover player...presumably this is the link to Anton Waldemar? Interested to see there may be legs in this one if so given the price some people think he will go for. Can Kamy clarify further? Thanks
  14. SamTheLeedsRover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Bobby Robson in his first autobiography stated that when at PSV, Kenny talked to him about signing Ronaldo. if only...
  15. SamTheLeedsRover

    Ben Brereton

    How fast is Ben Brereton? Is it likely he ran a 10k today in 37 minutes?! Spotted the same name in Market Drayton 10k results I ran in this morning. It’s not far from Stoke, so not beyond the realms of possibility. if it is, he beat me anyway

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