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  1. SamTheLeedsRover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Bobby Robson in his first autobiography stated that when at PSV, Kenny talked to him about signing Ronaldo. if only...
  2. SamTheLeedsRover

    Ben Brereton

    How fast is Ben Brereton? Is it likely he ran a 10k today in 37 minutes?! Spotted the same name in Market Drayton 10k results I ran in this morning. It’s not far from Stoke, so not beyond the realms of possibility. if it is, he beat me anyway
  3. SamTheLeedsRover

    sought after shirt for collection

    I do own this beaut. Tim flowers in this kit is the reason I follow the rovers!
  4. SamTheLeedsRover

    sought after shirt for collection

    Anyone got this garish 90s classic kicking around in a loft somewhere that they would be happy to part with? One from the youth I’ve always wanted for the collection. good condition, M upwards ideally. Happy to discuss price via PM 😎
  5. SamTheLeedsRover

    Rovers Nike storm jacket size large

    Google seems to suggest that he decided the time was right to leave. Currently working at the football luminaries that are Swindon. jacket now sold anyway 👍
  6. Been suggested to me by J*B that this is the best place for this. i picked this up on eBay as I haven’t had a rovers bench jacket since uhlsport days, but sadly after arriving today, large means large, and it’s too big. I’m marathon training and have lost weight, so unfortunately it’s unwearable for me. It seems to have at one point belonged to Chris Neville, head of fitness or the like. Remember him? No, me neither. It is in excellent condition with no obvious flaws. Before I stick it back on eBay, I thought I’d see if it was of any interest to anyone on here. Just looking to recoup what I paid which was £40 inc. p&p. paypal would be best if anyone wants it. Please PM me if so. Thanks
  7. SamTheLeedsRover

    Mowbray’s Future

    I was at Shrewsbury Rochdale today. Hill was wearing jeans and shirt: very odd. And Rochdale offered nothing. The standard of football in league 1 is dire. God help us
  8. SamTheLeedsRover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Prepared to back Mowbray certainly. Sneaky feeling we will edge a win tonight. Proof will be in who he wants to sign for me if he is just a yes man or his own man, despite having no cash whatsoever to spend. Will he state he has been tracking Abdoul Ba for years...
  9. SamTheLeedsRover

    Academy & U21s

    That was a big point raised actually. A lot of it is to stop United getting them. I teach in Shrewsbury, and we have had a lad at City since the age of 6. Has to train in Manchester twice a week. Madness
  10. SamTheLeedsRover

    Academy & U21s

    Been a very interesting special on 5live tonight and about talent spotting in Manchester. Basically city try to sign everything up from the age if 4-5, and offer a private education up to 18 even if the players are released before then. Makes it very difficult for parents to turn down.
  11. SamTheLeedsRover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Why would Barry get involved to bring him back? Of all the things to get involved in at Ewood, I don't see it being this. I'm more concerned with Dunn's ability to get himself fit, never mind the first team.
  12. SamTheLeedsRover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Best to leave him there then? Push them on to the first team.
  13. SamTheLeedsRover

    The sad passing of "Kelbo".

    Shocked by this news, always enjoyed reading Kelbo's posts, which I found to be extremely balanced, knowledgeable, and which demonstrated a sheer passion for all things Rovers. Having just got married at the weekend, and with this news, it really puts the whole game of football into perspective - some things are just more important. RIP Kelbo, Rovers have lost a true supporter too soon.
  14. SamTheLeedsRover

    Wanted - 2000/02 home 'time' shirt size L

    Thanks for the offer - got one off ebay and added worthington cup patches to it as well as name and number. Also got the number signed by the man himself at Chorley game, now one of my favourite shirts!
  15. I'm after the above shirt in as good a condition as possible if anyone has one and is tempted to sell. Needs to be size L though, as I remember having XL and it was huge. I have the '10 Jansen' and Worthington Cup patches just waiting to be attached! Thanks Sam

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