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  1. Rovers v Blackpool

    Now we are in the same position we were in before the Wigan game .
  2. Rovers v Blackpool

    And Rotherham lost
  3. Rovers v Blackpool

    Wigan Finn 3-3
  4. Rovers v Blackpool

    Shrews 2-0
  5. Rovers v Blackpool

    Wigan 3-3
  6. Rovers v Blackpool

    Rochdale beating Rotherham 0-1
  7. Rovers v Blackpool

    Wigan 2-3 down come on
  8. Rovers v Blackpool

    We need to just get at them from the first whistle as we did against wigan,then if we keep the pressure on them , Blackpool will just cave in,they ain’t no Wigan.
  9. Rovers v Wigan

    Agree entirely , i do think we should have taken Evans off at half time and put Bennett in the middle and brought Payne on , just to keep more pressure on them. All in all a point isn’t the worst result .
  10. Rovers v Wigan

    Wene dacks leg was taken from him just before they scored
  11. Rovers v Wigan

    Never mind still 30pts to play for we move on to the next one . coyb.....
  12. Rovers v Wigan

    Also the ref not giving what was a blatant penalty.
  13. Rovers v Wigan

    We’ve known all season we can’t defend so why do we always sit back at 2-0 up .
  14. Championship 2017/18

    Owen Coyle is looking for a job
  15. Wimbledon v Rovers

    Get in