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  1. bluefred

    Mowbray’s Future

    Time to blood the youngsters can’t do any worse
  2. bluefred

    Rovers V Bristol City

    Minght come goo second half
  3. bluefred

    Ben Brereton

    Why isn’t he haveing a run in the under 23s ? surely that’s going to help him regain his confidence.
  4. bluefred

    Brentford v Rovers

    I don’t understand how a class defender in his playing days can’t manage a team defensively . astonishing.
  5. bluefred

    Brentford v Rovers

    Mowbray has no plan B.
  6. bluefred

    Brentford v Rovers

    That’s that then we’ve lost
  7. bluefred

    Brentford v Rovers

    Bag of crap
  8. bluefred


    Is there any serious interest in dack?
  9. It's time Rothwell was given a run in the team
  10. bluefred

    Rovers V Norwich 22/12/18

    Hope there is a serious bid in for dack as we need the money to overall this team
  11. bluefred

    Rovers V Norwich 22/12/18

    He’s just a show pony which is fine if your 3-0 up
  12. bluefred

    Rovers V Norwich 22/12/18

    Palmer is another one who shouldn’t be here , costs us to many points
  13. bluefred

    Rovers V Norwich 22/12/18

    What was bells part of the goal ?

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