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  1. Hughesy

    Next Season

    Out on loan.... Leon Best - Sheff Weds DJ Campbell - Millwall, now back Songo'o - Ross County John O'Sullivan - Southport Alex Marrow - Fleetwood Bradley Orr - Toronto Ruben Rochina - Rayo Vallencias Josh Morris - Fleetwood Alan Judge - Brentford Anthony O'Connor - Torquay David Goodwillie - Blackpool Jack O'Connell - Rochdale Jorden Slew - Ross County Out of all those above - I would only look to get Jack O'Connell, Anthony O'Conner, Josh O'Sullivan & Ruben Rochina back at the club - the rest for me can leave... free's/ minimal transfer fees, whatever! Of those we have on loan, I would ONLY look to get Michael Keane on loan again, the rest (Varney, Dabo, Feeney, Kane) - can go back to their parent clubs. I would then look to offload Williamson & Etuhu also. We then need to look to buy a new keeper to challenge/ replace Robbo long term, a new right back and in my opinion a striker to challenge Gestede & Rhodes, ideally a quick attacker to give us a different option and possibly another CM option on loan.
  2. Hughesy

    Brum Away

    Im sure many like me waited.... I waited to see how we did against Yeovil, had we won and played decent, id have been going, but we missed ANOTHER massive opportunity
  3. Hughesy

    Season Tickets and Stand Closures

    If your going to do stand closures then.... Close the Darwen end upper, and the Blackburn end upper.... and then the back 15-20 or so rows in the Jack walker upper... Finally move the Darwen end singing section back into the Blackburn end lower and make it away fans only. Personally id go with crazy low price tickets and free tickets for kids.... for me the brand needs rebuilding, don't buy this "if the price is too low" nonsense... get the feel good factor & atmosphere back.
  4. Hughesy

    Back Or Sack?

    IF we can keep our existing squad (well the ones we want), and add a right back, a keeper and a pacey striker, then I think WITH Bowyer we would go up next season no probs.
  5. Hughesy

    The Championship 2013/14

    Sunderland, Norwich, Cardiff coming down I think.... all 3 will struggle to make an immediate return. As for the play-offs Readings run is terrible - they wont make 6th Bournemouth & Ipswich play each other so one has to slip up at least - and I don't think either are strong enough to win all 4 games In my opinion its Brighton's to lose.... IF we can get 4 wins out of 4.... a VERY big IF, then they are the only team that could possibly be our problem I think
  6. Hughesy

    Season Tickets and Stand Closures

    More fans in the ground, bigger buzz, better atmosphere, more merchandise sales, more sales on the concourses, better performances on the pitch, better results, more corporates wanting to get back involved.... slowly get our club back to what it was!!
  7. Hughesy

    Craig Conway

    He WILL be back by then.. Marshall on the right, Conway on the left - Gestede & Rhodes upfront with chance galore being supplied to them!!
  8. Hughesy

    Season Tickets and Stand Closures

    Yes but surely if season tickets were priced a ridiculously low price like say £80, it would entice back loads of those who have dropped off over the last few seasons....? Especially if we can keep our squad intact and stand a very good chance of being fighting near the top next season with one or two additions. Take it a step further - make it FREE for kids up to say 12 years old (Future Rovers fans)
  9. Hughesy

    Season Tickets and Stand Closures

    I've emailed the club about this and im awaiting a response... I honestly believe if we followed the "Dortmund" model of £80 season tickets for ALL age bands, we would more or less fill the home areas
  10. Hughesy

    Season Tickets 2013/14

    Renewed again.... nothing better to do on a Saturday if its in your blood in my opinion. Hoping for a big season!
  11. Hughesy

    Is Ruben back?

    He has tweeted several times about the pre season tour in Portugal and also has been pictured in Portugal
  12. Hughesy

    What the hell is happening?

    Singh will remain involved..... but not day to day, and more related to Asia and football development there according to a good source. Would love to know who the new guy is going to be though. If we can get an experienced Chief, add a couple more good signings then the future looks much better.
  13. Hughesy

    Lap of honour

    I hope they do it - but only for the select few, mainly JR.... he's been class for us and deserves recognition!
  14. Hughesy

    Season Tickets 2013/14

    lol you dont half make up some rumours you! Usually on twitter like ha ha!
  15. Hughesy

    The sad passing of "Kelbo".

    RIP Kelbo!

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