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  1. Mowbray has done his job. This abysmal five defeat run of form has helped distract attention away from the proposed training ground sale.
  2. Certainly was. And after 'Rock Against Venky's' in the Napier.
  3. Not sure he'd come back after winning the Cathedral's Gargoyle Competition. Rovers Players Could Become Gargoyles
  4. I think he'd been a military policeman. But he was a big lad anyway. I remember him being landlord of the Adelphi briefly and refusing to let these Geordies in when Rovers played Newcastle many years ago. They didn't argue, went for a pint elsewhere.
  5. I went to his funeral in the cathedral. It was packed out, every rogue in Blackburn must have been there. Ken had probably barred half the congregation.
  6. Venky's wanted to turn the pitch into a worm farm, so anglers could fish the River Darwen. https://www.rovingmick.com/2017/11/01/rovers-funeral-ash-thwarts-venkys-earthworms/
  7. It looks like the block the Adelphi is on, but not the pub itself. Ironically called the Thwaites Buildings. Bootstrap was based in there.
  8. He was used as a pawn by Forbes Burnham's Guyana government, under the name of apartheid, to distract attention away from his own dodgy elections practices. The Windies selectors were just as bad. It took them over ten years before they picked an Indo Caribbean to play for them. Even Viv Richards didn't cover himself in glory here. Maybe that's why he had a love child with a Bollywood actress, to distract attention from his own racist statements.
  9. That will be Mat Woods' name on her scarf then. I thought she had OCDS at first.
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