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  1. Rovers Recruit In Very Mysterious Ways Rovers Job Advert Very Strange Indeed
  2. Obvious solution is for Venky's to pull out of Rovers, write off all the debts, then take over East Lancs. It would be a return to their first love - Cricket. They would be welcomed with open arms and it wouldn't cost them anywhere near as much as Rovers. Can we not find ourselves a good conman?
  3. Here's a really positive story about Blackburn Electric Eels Could Reduce Blackburn's Power Charges
  4. One German in Blackburn still thinks World War II is still raging. Blackburn's Spaceman Was Escaped German POW
  5. Been doing it for years down Brockhall. Rovers Come To Their Sensors
  6. Patsy Kensit between Shearer and Keegan; one of the Gallagher brothers above them; John Lennon too and another Shearer at eleven o'clock.
  7. Now it's back inside the boozer - at last! https://www.rovingmick.com/2021/06/01/back-inside-blackburns-boozers/
  8. Humble Pie from me Callum. I salute you, well done (fancy coming back to Rovers?)
  9. We played Legia in the UEFA Cup in 2007. Only the away leg, they were soon banned for crowd trouble - as they often are. So the leg at Ewood Park didn't take place. No doubt the police chief of Blackburn would have gone out and got pissed when her heard the news. He could stand down his riot police from the Galligreaves Estate. Legia fans would have made Celtic's visit seem like a kiddies party.
  10. She must have swooned: "Oh David.... are there more men like you?" Dunny replied: "Let me show you lass. Sit thee down with us Rovers fans".
  11. Nice to get out for a pint of real ale from a pub, at last. Blackburn’s Sun Shines And Rock Box Rocks The End Of Lockdown
  12. On TV and radio interviews, people who have to start every sentence with the word 'So'. It used to be 'Basically', but 'So' seems to be the in-word at the moment.
  13. People who say 'Droring' instead of 'Drawing'. They say 'Droring Pin' and 'Back to the Droring Board'. Yet the word is spelt and pronounced 'Drawing.' Ex Radio 1 DJ and former Radio Lancs presenter, Andy Peebles, was pretty bad for this. No idea why he and others did it.
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