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  1. Whoever's told him might. Where's he heard it ?
  2. Hopefully it's just mischief making from somewhere.
  3. Is there such a thing as a Yank boxer who's actually paid his tax ? Floyd getting a few excuses in early, don't watch MMA or UFC etc so don't know much about CM. For the sake of boxing though I hope Mayweather mullers him lol
  4. Hadn't heard that bit about Williams before, interesting stuff. I was thinking the guy who became chairman of the trust who then got sued for bad investments/advice or something by a few of the Walker clan. Then again it was probably nothing to do with Rovers and they were happy to grab their 30 pcs of silver as soon as it was sold.
  5. Then you look at the Stokes fiasco where he's likely to walk away from the club having pocketed maybe a million quid or more and contributed nothing except to the landlords of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Makes me sick to the stomach of pro football and Rovers under Venkys.
  6. Still no excuse whatsoever to give Wes Brown 8k a week knowing full well he'd contribute nothing having only previously managed 50 games or so in five years. Next Gordon Greer on probably the same or more, yes a steady performer in previous years but at nearly 36/37 and having been frozen out by Brighton what was he going to offer over a season ? Two 24 year old internationals replaced by those 2, what a complete joke. Yes he got Hoban in and we already had Lenihen who still had it to prove but i'd lay any odds that cretin wanted a first partnership of Brown and Greer, Even more bizarre was him blooding Wharton then shoving him out on loan when he could have saved a wage wasted on one of those previous 3. That goes right against FFP it was nothing to do with that just braindead and rather suspicious stuff from Coyle who obviously having to sort the front line out over stretched himself and his budget in that area. FFP ? Anthony Stokes 3 years at 18k per week ? Pull the other one.....
  7. Trouble is the way Rovers is run and the puppets in office on the ground with no real authority it's open to that kind of abuse by players & agents. Who do they go and see if there is a problem ? Who calls them into their office and says if you don't adhere to your contract you'll be in breach of it or we'll plonk you in the reserves for the remainder of it but you won't be let go ? What did an ex player say after leaving Ewood, you had to go through about ten different people with silly titles to get through to the top brass. Another one, I think it was Kilgallon remarking on the difference at his new club said he was at Ewood 3 years and never saw a director at the training ground and didn't know who they were ? Farce of a set up.
  8. I didn't know that ! Seems even the great have their bad moments
  9. Well your learning some ammo to give them back then, there's plenty believe me !
  10. Crack me up these Dingles with all this sugar daddy stuff ignoring their own albeit less spectacular investors that have been funding them since Ternant was there. When Jack first took over he injected a million or so to get Mimms, Dobson & Livingstone straight in to help the fight against relegation. These @#/?s won't even do that despite selling enough to cover a years running costs. When Kilby & Ingleby stepped in at Bonleh they gave Ternant 750k to sign one player in Steve Davis which was more than the 75k or so Stan had spent previously in his whole time there. Is that not a bit of sugar daddy stuff right there ?
  11. But you know about Bill Fox who's been gone c25 years yet don't know how the club was run a decade or so ago ? Try harder....
  12. That was loans put in from when Jack was alive and it covered a whole host of stuff, possibly the academy & training ground.
  13. Would that be one of the 7k they used to have or one of the 10k they've recently acquired ?
  14. So we've got 2 in now for the weekly equivalent of one Lowe maybe, the downgraders overseeing our shambles will love it. Hopefully though we now have a manager who can see us through it and actually pair suitable people together in key areas within his budget. Never happened since Allardyce that, here's hoping.
  15. The officials over there certainly have it in for Krusher that's for sure although he's now had 2 stabs at Ward and not been able to KO him so i'd move on if I were him. As for Smith you can see now why he got that fight and why they wanted him it was all nicely set up to make their lad look good. Crafty matchmaking hoping to earn the German other title shots, he looks handy but Groves will smash him. Smith himself knew after a couple of rounds he could handle that lad so he just decided to plod and survive the 12 maybe hoping for a big punch but with no intention whatsoever of leaving it all in the ring in his last undeserved big fight. Just a nice paycheque for him and if he fights again I hope it's at a circus for charity or something the fat waster. He was wiped out by Degale & Groves at British level I think years ago so that says all about his standing over here never mind at world level. If he's made any money out of boxing he's a very very fortunate guy.
  16. Paul Smith though ? hell fire talk about friends in the right places !
  17. Got to admit I wasn't keen on Ward a few years ago although he's always been a great technician at what he does however since he went up in weight and brings it on a bit more I appreciate what he's all about. I'm a fan of Kovalev he's a bit like a bigger version of Froch lol more technique than he's got credit for but Ward took over second half of their fight really and if he can't get him out in about 8 this time I really think Ward might stop him late. I'm going KO either way in this one
  18. The fact so many are on here discussing it when other boxing matches go by every week with little or no mention shows what it's all about. Its a farce but we'll all watch it. Floyd will look to coast to a 12 round unanimous decision whilst McGregor will look to survive it, all friends at the end back slapping and praising each other and all well in the dollars whilst mug punters worldwide moan how @#/? it was. By the way there is a REAL top boxing match this weekend involving arguably two pound for pound contenders = Ward v Kovalev !
  19. Issue a bit of bad news then shares fall so they buy a load back with personal money via 3rd party knowing they'll fly up again when financials are announced or something then sell. Play your own company Monopoly type game and fill your own pockets
  20. If there isn't a sale process being put in place it would be nice if they come up with a hit list of fingers in the till names and go after them instead.
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