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Rovers Vs Man Utd. 1st Leg

bob fleming

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I guess Sparky has something lined up for the second leg which is designed to catch the Mancs out. As it is, I wonder if Hughes got caught out second guessing RFW in the first leg- putting Todd in expecting van Nistelrooyd when they went with the speedy Saha whose movement befuddled Andy for the goal.

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Could be Philip.

On reflection, I'm now beginning to think that the Mancs did a pretty good job on how they prepared for us. Bellers thrives on the through ball to run onto and Kuqi, while being a carthorse, is an arial threat.

Not one through ball for Bellers and not one cross for Kuqi to attack.

I too am sure Hughes will figure out how to get chances to the right parts of the anatomy of our strikers. I don't think Utd can legislate for MGP's shooting, though they might double up on him next time.

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I'm still not entirely sure what to think of the game, aside from shoutimg myself hoarse. Disappointed that we didn't win based on the first half display, relieved we didn't loose based on the second.

At times we really weren't at the races, but then niether were united who for all their possession and attacking dominance in the second half produced few threats. Have rovers failed to capitalise on a poor manure performance and thier chance to win the tie, or should we be encouraged united showed so little when offered to them so readily?

Tugs, Kuqi, and Bentley were all disapointing. Kuqi was out of his depth but that wasn't too surprising, Tugs had one of his offdays which was gutting, and Bentley was just far too inconsistent. Worryingly we gave the ball away too much, and when bellamy did break no one was fast enough to get up the field quick enough to support him.

On the positive side the defence however did well. Gray struggled for pace with ronaldo, but made an excelent defensive header to a dangerous cross as well as a few other nice moves. The rest of the defence was fairly solid, and bar the goal are centre backs handled United well.

A big improvement is needed if we are to progress to the final, but rovers are capable of playing much better than that. And at 1-1 we are by no means out of the tie.

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