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[Archived] The Rise And Fall Of Mgp

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overall don't get me wrong i think Duffer was world class and i very much doubt Pederson will reach them heights, but this does not mean he is a poor player.

What fans should be doing right now instead on getting Pederson's back his giving him support that he truly deserves due to his contribution he has made during the season

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The jury is still out with MGP!!

Is he in the same league as Duffer-NO!

IMO if he improves the following things and the club signs a decent left back to cover him he could be great;

1.Workrate-Increase tenfold and we should see an improvement

2.Attitude-At numerous away games this season he hs looked uninterested such as the Pompey match

3.Awareness-He doesn't seem as aware as he was at the start of the season-he were springing passes at the start of the season and going at his man but now he is just laying the ball off and not trying to beat the man.

Like i've mentioned in numerous posts on this topic i think he will be all the better for the summer break and come back ready, willing and able for next season.

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Apart from set pieces and work rate, Duffer has more quality in almost every aspect of the game than MGP imo. But it's not a fair comparison anyway, wonderkids like Duff and Giggs doesn't come through often - we'll need to compare Gamst with people we can buy to replace him. (And let's face it, if we're ever to get the Duffer back.. no, it's highly unlikely)

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Leave him alone - all wingers are notoriously inconsistent.

Best scoring winger since Bryan Douglas....nuff said.

Name a winger better £ for £ in value to their team.

Can only think of John robertson at Notts forest and Jason Wilcox

for Alan Shearer.


Tom Finney and Stan Mathews.

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I think we're a bit spoilt here, because we had Duff. There's absolutely no need to compare Pedersen to Duff, it's irrelevant because we'll never get Duff again. These people who want to sell Pedersen ought to think about getting an equal quality or superior player for the same or preferably less money than what we would get for Pedersen. If that isn't a possibility, then there's absolutely no point. As much as Peter might be as good or better (I don't feed into what people say about him just not being ready just cos he's young and inexperienced...if he never plays he'll never be experienced, and look at what Rooney did when he burst on the scene), we have no way to tell right now, and definitely should be aiming to give it one more season where we play Ped and Pet intermittently. Pedersen is clearly suffering from fatigue (If you think that being paid lots of money makes the human body less susceptible to wear and tear, you're an idiot), and it would be good to rest him now and again for Sergio next year.

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Think about it, last year nobody even thought of MGP as anything other than a legend. He kept us up and beat Burnley for us. And if Peter has a similar impact and then gets tired, everyone will say 'bring back MGP' Peter is not better than MGP YET.

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