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Players Who Are Gonna Score A Multi-million Pound Move


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A mate and I have been watching the World Cup to try and see who's gonna get a big-money move on the back of their performances (and then, probably, ultimately flop!)

My tips are Kader of Togo, Barnetta of Switzerland and Tenorio of Ecuador. What does everyone else reckon?

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Agreed about the Mexicans and I would add their keeper looked good as well- O.Sanchez.

One guy who will be upping his already mega-value is Crespo. To think that he is surplus at Chelski is quite frightening in terms of their squad next season.

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Unless someone comes in with a huge offer, Frei will be heading for Dortmund. I think they've already agreed a fee with Rennes.

As for the Mexicans, I can't see any of them being good enough to make the jump to Spain, Germany or even England. As for the French, Dutch, Belgian or even the Portuguese (no offense Oklahoma) leagues, I think they'd perform quite well.

My pick for a huge move is Barnetta, as mentioned above.

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from the gossip section from the sunday papers, about 6 or 7 ghana players have been linked the premiership clubs.

i expect pompey to come in for most of the ghana squad, with dodgy dealings.... for a change! :rolleyes:

the following could secure prem moves :-








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Costinha :P already signed for Atletico Madrid about a month ago.

I still believe Maniche could come to Blackburn.

i'm sure he's been trying to get his contract cancelled with D. Moscow. remember reading somewhere,- he's threatening legal action, as they wont let him leave.

maniche is a fine player, but cant see him coming to blackburn, not if a team from POR, ITA or SPA come calling.

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Costinha is already free and signed for Atletico.

Maniche won't come back to Portugal, in Italy, 4 top teams could be relegated and the only linked with him so far, Inter, prefers Mascherano.

As for the spanish league, haven't heard of any links relating him to them.

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I'd like to echo some of the Mexicans ...

in particular : Pavel Pardo & Sanchez the keeper.

others like the backs, Rodriguez & Salcido are good'uns, too.

For years I've wondered why Mexicans stay home and eschew going abroad-

they have pace and talent, I think this past fortnight will open up their market.

What's everyone think of Mascherano, now ? He's only at 70% as was off

8 months with a bad foot injury. He's struggling for form at present, but

this kid would step in front of a lorry, talented & a heart big as a whale.

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What I think the deal is with the Mexicans is this:

Mexicans play well together as Mexicans in a Mexican system. If you watch the Mexican league, the games are often unbearable. There's solid defense, combative midfielders, and woeful forwards and goalkeepers. The players fit into this system well, but asked to go outside of it they can't really make the adjustment. This is part of why Mexico does so well internationally. But taking individual players to European teams and leagues, they don't have the individual skill level necessary to make it. Some do - Marquez and Hugo Sanchez to name a few.

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