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[Archived] Premiership Table 2006/07

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Heres my preedictions whilst trying to ignore this weeks results as much as possible,

1. Chelsea

2. Liverpool

3. Man U

4. Arsenal

5. Spurs

6. Newcastle

7. Boro

8. Blackburn

9. Aston Villa

10. Everton

11. West Ham

12. Bolton

13. Portsmouth

14. Man City

15. Charlton

16. Wigan

17. Sheff Utd

18. Fulham

19. Reading

20. Watford

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1. Chelsea

2. Liverpool

3. Arsenal

4. Man U

5. Tottenham

6. Newcastle

7. Blackburn

8. Everton

9. Bolton

10. West Ham

11. Villa

12. Charlton

13. Middlesbrough

14. Man City

15. Wigan

16. Reading

17. Portsmouth

18. Fulham

19. Sheff Utd

20. Watford

Time to bring this old tread back. Anyone who regrets they didn't put any money on their predictions?

As it stands now I got Villa, City and Watford spot on :) We might still get that 7th place. Anyone got the correct top and bottom three?

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You were spot on with Newcastle, Reading and Portsmouth there as well krislu.

:lol: no, that was pretty crap I must admit. Not to mention West Ham

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The Sun preview was worse thyan pathetic. Driven by readership numbers.

Re Charlton, JFH and Carson are very good signings and Traore and Faye are not players I'd want to see signed by Rovers but are not that bad either in terms of adding real competition for places in an already reasonable squad.

I'd be curious to have the Sun's preview matched up against most people's here when the final tally is done (mine included). My guess would be that they would be top 5. Makes most of us look pathetic being beaten by them!

FLB's was pretty good, with the ones I've glanced over.

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Right, I'm going to be bold with this one, I never do that well on this anyway:

1. Manchester United

2. Chelsea

3. Arsenal

4. Liverpool

5. Rovers

6. Spurs

7. Everton

8. Newcastle

9. Bolton

10. Manchester City

11. West Ham

12. Charlton

13. Aston Villa

14. Middlesbrough

15. Fulham

16. Portsmouth

17. Wigan

18. Reading

19. Sheffield United

20. Watford

Once again wasn't a good year for me by the looks of it, although at least I will have got most of the teams in the correct half of the table (lot of skill in that).

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Man City

West Ham








Sheffield United


The only one I think I have correct is Watford, poor poor pooooooooooor!!

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I also had Liverpool to be top.

It's amazing how many had Newcastle to finish in the top six or seven.

At least I had faith in Reading doing well, predicting 14th. (well, better than most others predicted)

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I've done this rather quickly this year, so I apologize for any errors. Please let me know if you think I've made a mistake and I'll fix it as soon as possible.

As I did for the last few years, I want to sample some of the preseason predictions that didn't quite pan out. Let's all have a laugh...

"As far as I'm concerned, there is no chance that Chelsea will be anything less than champions this year..." --tcj_jones

"As much as I want Reading to do well, they just haven't strengthened enough this offseason to avoid the drop." --American

"7 West Ham U - a very serious threat. They've hung onto the players they wanted to and their signings are shrewd. Rovers dare not let the Whammers open a gap like Spuds did last year as we won't catch them either." --philipl

"I have another prediction as well: Charton will go down within three seasons. I think Dowie is a very good manager, but I always said that when Curbs left they would slip back down to where he had taken them from, and I won't budge from that assessment." --Yours Truly (I suppose I overestimated them a bit with a three year time table)

"Surprise team - Fulham if they can sort their away form out" --CAPT KAYOS

It wasn't all bad, however. Shout outs to Cookiemonster, SIMON GARNERS 194, Shaddy, and RevidgeBlue for correctly picking Rovers in 10th place; congrats to Drakefye, americanrover, and AlamoRover, who did what no one last year could do (i.e. corectly pick all three relegated squads); and finally, well done Eddie, who was the only one to pick Man U as champions.

Unfortunately, the bonus for picking the champs wasn't quite enough to push Eddie over the top. Without further ado, this year's results...

1. FourLaneBlue (28 points)

2. rog of the rovers (34 points)

3. Eddie (38 points)

3. Tango (38 points)

5. PABBY (40 points)

6. bazza (42 points)

7. bob fleming (44 points)

8. 3recurring (46 points)

8. brennanboy (46 points)

8. Philly Rover ® (46 points)

8. The1mattjansen (46 points)

12. CAPT KAYOS (47 points)

12. sleepyjack (47 points)

14. bluebruce (48 points)

14. krislu (48 points)

14. neekoy (48 points)

17. AlamoRover (49 points)

17. Drakefyre (49 points)

19. Oakland (50 points)

20. Scotty (51 points)

20. mohelger (51 points)

22. Alan75 (52 points)

22. Quack (52 points)

24. Cookiemonster (53 points)

25. American (55 points)

25. americanrover (55 points)

25. Foxxx (55 points)

25. Rover4ever (55 points)

25. Steven (55 points)

30. bboy (57 points)

30. tcj_jones (57 points)

30. Tooting Rover (57 points)

33. James No. 7 (58 points)

33. james19830822 (58 points)

33. nellby (58 points)

33. pleasure (58 points)

33. rebelzro (58 points)

33. vyeo (58 points)

39. Baz (59 points)

39. laughatthedingles (59 points)

39. pick32 (59 points)

42. AussieinUk (60 points)

42. cn174 (60 points)

42. Jim J (60 points)

42. RevidgeBlue (60 points)

42. Shaddy (60 points)

42. Threepenny Bit Foot (60 points)

48. greggyk (61 points)

48. Teemu (61 points)

50. AggyBlue (62 points)

51. philipl (62 points)

51. SouthAussieRover (62 points)

53. ihtd (63 points)

53. Seggie (63 points)

55. daveoftherovers (65 points)

55. Rovermatt (65 points)

55. roversmum (65 points)

58. Timmy (66 points)

59. ando (67 points)

60. modes98 (69 points)

61. Presty on Tour (70 points)

62. frosty (72 points)

62. kevinyip (72 points)

62. Mr. E (72 points)

65. AxesFirstTouch (73 points)

65. Gareth (73 points)

67. Perth_Rover (75 points)

68. rover6 (81 points)

Hardly anyone seemed to get Reading or Newcastel right, and as I said, only one out of 68 predictors got the champions right. I think that's indicative of just how good FLB's table was: he didn't even have Man U correct, and he still blew everyone else out of the water.

Meanwhile, the Observer's stab would have gotten them 49 points (good for 17th place), while The Sun would have checked in with 37 points (good for third place).

And by the way: FLB, you've broken Scotty's stranglehold on the prediction game. Now that that monster of table prediction has been slayed, everyone has a chance!

2005-06 Results

2004-05 Results

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And by the way: FLB, you've broken Scotty's stranglehold on the prediction game. Now that that monster of table prediction has been slayed, everyone has a chance!

Cheers Philly. Either this means that:

1. I know what I'm talking about or

2. I just got lucky.

As I certainly don't have a clue then it's not the first so I think I might have a try on the lottery while I'm on a roll :lol:

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