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FIA stands for Ferrari International Assistance ;)

There is some evidence around now that Hamilton caused the gearbox glitch by accidentally hitting his pit limiter soon after going off the circuit for a 2nd time.

Blueboy - I completely agree. 12 points up with 2 races to go should be a complete no-brainer. It shows IMO the lack of skill at the McLaren pit wall. There is a reason why they haven't won a championship in almost a decade. Both Ferrari and Renault have shown recently that when things get tight on the track.. there are cool and experienced heads both in the cockpit and in the pits who make the right calls.

McLaren need a Pat Symonds/Ross Brawn character who looks after the execution on the weekend. I can't tell you off the top of my head who organises strategy at McLaren, and IMO it is very much their weak point.

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Couldn`t agree more.

The race in China was mind boggling.

The whole world could see the canvas showing on Lewis`s rear tyre and when they sent him around again I was gobsmacked.

With Lewis`s inexperience ( calling the wrong tyres in Germany as an example ) it just needed a wise head to guide him to the title. For all of McLaren`s might it has been their downfall.

Already looking forward to next year. No traction control will make things a bit more spicy.

Any inside info on the Renault PG? I could forward it to McLaren ;)

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They were probably concerned with tyre wear.. apparently due the high temps many teams were really sufferring with graining.

As Turkey showed, Lewis isn't that easy on his tyres. He does slide the car more than most drivers.

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I'm pleased Kimi won. I'm patriotic but I'm also faithful to Kimi because I've liked him for along time and I wasn't just going to forget about him when Lewis came along. But he will do it, this year just wasn't his time.

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