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[Archived] Carling Cup


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I know we aren't in at this round, but since when have they decided to seed teams in this competition?

They'd already picked half the teams out before the draw and given them a home or away tie, before picking the seeded teams out of a bowl.

I wonder if every round will be seeded or if it'll just be this one?

Anything to guarantee a Man U vs Chelsea final again eh?

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Second Round

Plymouth v Doncaster

Southend v Watford

Notthingham Forest v Leicester

Wigan v Hull

Birmingham v Hereford

Carlisle v Coventry

Bristol v West Ham

Derby v Blackpool

Rochdale v Norwich

Portsmouth v Leeds

Cardiff v L Orient

MK Dons v Sheffield United

Burnley v Oldham

Swansea v Reading

Peterborough v West Brom

Shrewsbury v Fulham

Wolverhampton v Morecambe

Middlesbrough v Northampton

Sheffield Wednesday v Hartlepool

Luton v Sunderland

Wrexham v Aston Villa

Charlton v Stockport

Newcastle v Barnsley

Bristol City v Manchester City

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The second round of the League Cup has been seeded for several seasons now just as the first round has been drawn on a regional basis for years as well..

Only the clubs involved in European competition (including Intertoto) are given 3rd round byes. So 12 Prem teams are in the 2nd round draw and 8 (including Rovers) are not. This is the most recent introduction to the format.

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When did it change so that most of the Premiership clubs don't play in round two?

It used to be the case that Premiership sides came in in round two apart from those playing in Europe, who came in in round three.


As philipl states, everyone is presnt and counted for:

The only ones missing are

Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal - all in CL

Spurs, Everton, Bolton - UEFA Cup

Rovers - Intertoto/UEFA

Just as well Rovers get a bye otherwise it'd 2 games in 2 days!

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would love to draw them at home in the next round

Burnley at home,I think that's the draw we're all hoping for.

If not,then Blackpool or Morcambe would be good ties(home or away)

Seems to be some bad news about a Liecester player collapsing this evening,I don't know the full story though.

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