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[Archived] Making A Statement On Derby Day


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We already have a derby day topic, but I thought this maybe deserved its own.

We all know that the allocation for the game at the morgue has been reduced to around 2500, although by the time we play them, more tickets could be available because they’ll be almost down…….

I feel we need to make a real statement on the day.

I’ve been looking into the possibility of getting my hands on 300 Owen Coyle masks, but that’s fallen through.

My thoughts are now turning towards getting banner made, with donations from the site, possibly a picture of John Bond, who for the younger members of the site almost ruined Burnley and is hated more than OC. The banner would be John, complete with cigar and fedora and read: Freeman of Blackburn or something similar.

Or maybe a John Bond, Owen Coyle banner?

Not sure how we’d get this off the ground, but I have £50 to set the ball rolling, over to the rest of you for ideas.

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If you are going to do something, just make sure it's near enough to the end to ensure we're going to win/ not lose as we have a tendency to start gloating far too early.

Aye, like the City game on boxing day before last? Although that's the only example I can think of in recent times.....

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