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[Archived] Could it get worse ?

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You begin to get the feeling that we really are swimming against the tide.

Kean drink / driving allegation, now this.

Some strong leadership and communication is needed from Ewood tomorrow.

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This was when the Trust and Sam were in charge no?

If it was when he joined then yes. Poor Phillip, he would have got raging wood only to suffer a collapse akin to walking in on The Duchess of Cornwall curling one out.

In all seriousness, this and Kean's drink driving point to dark portents given the weekend we have coming up.

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I doubt this will reflect on the final standings come Sunday afternoon. Even if there has been something dodgy going on, fortunately, we will not have to see the consequences by Sunday evening and in that case, we've been rather fortunate.

Let's not jump to a mass frenzy for now though, all sorts of allegations are made by the press, let's just wait and see what's been alleged and see how those in defence of the system, react to those allegations.

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There's a few questions that need to be asked:

Who made the payment to the middleman? The selling club, the buying club or someone else (eg an agent)?

If the manager wasn't the one who made the payment, was he fully aware of what went on?

What will be the consequences for Blackburn Rovers?

As long as we don't get docked points, then ultimately this episode should be a harmless one to Rovers since if the last manager was implicated, he isn't around anymore so it's not like him getting a ban from the FA would make a difference to us.

But the first two questions will be of interest.

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