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[Archived] Steve Kean


We're now had our worst start since the 1950s, but an improved performance and some bad luck. So how do people feel?  

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Score a goal, and you get dropped, usually for the same tired faces that have plodded along here for a few years. Kean should obviously be binned and a decent manager brought in to get the most of some talent in our attacking players (Olsson, Formica, Rochina and Goodwillie).

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Did I miss something or did Kean miss two penalties today?

You did miss something it seems. You missed the fact that we have taken 0 points from the opening 3 games of the season. You have missed our truly horrendous record since Kean has taken over. You have missed the fact we stayed up by the skin of our teeth last season, when we were a top 10 side the season before and were again sitting in the top 10 before Kean took charge. You have missed the fact that every game, Kean starts a striker with such a poor goalscoring record that it is laughable, despite us possessing some players that really could get us goals - they must sit on the bench. You have missed the fact that Kean still sticks with Pedersen who is ineffective at best, despite possessing more talented players - who, again, must sit on the bench.

Yes, the penalty misses were not Kean's fault, but the list of what is his fault is never ending.

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how in the hell is he in the job i don't know. our squad has plenty of potential. Just comparing our squad to fulham's I would say we are stronger! especially with a new CB and ST coming in...but dear god, we are rock bottom with 0 POINTS from 9.

The games I remember Kean winning is against:

WBA x 2, Liverpool, QPR (FA Cup), Bolton, Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday (Carling Cup).

This is quite shameful that I can remember without looking up the teams and amount of games that Kean has won since taking over NEARLY A YEAR AGO! pathetic. pathetic. pathetic.

Put it this way:

Paul Ince win rate = 28.57% and was VERY rightfully sacked by J.Williams.

Steve Kean win rate = 25% and has been in the top far longer than Ince yet not sacked by dipshit owners.

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Posted this in the match thread but I'll re-post it here as my reason for clicking "Yes "(again).

What an awful way to lose a game.

What makes matters even worse is that Kean will "get away with" the defeat today as the penalty misses will mask over the fact that he picked the wrong team.

After watching the team attempt to play the right way mid-week albeit against Sheffield Wednesday, and almost giving Kean the benefit of the doubt for the slog the last 75 minutes became, out came Allardyce's team (yes Allardyce's team) to play the football that all the Sam haters hated and all Sam apologists apologised for. I couldn't believe what I was watching.

What was quite plain was that when Goodwillie came on to partner Formica, the game changed and we looked a much more threatening and entertaining side. You could argue that it was a good tactical move but he only made his first changes when Dunn and Pedersen were withdrawn through injury, and he only realised Goodwillie should replace his mate Roberts after 71 minutes!

Everton were terrible and there for the taking, and we could barely have wished for two weaker teams to come to Ewood at the beginning of the season.

Our current situation was summed up perfectly by the farce that was Pedersen's injury. He was down for about a minute while the ref didn't think it was enough to stop play, yet when the ball went out he immediately whistled and signalled to the bench to allow the physio on. I don't know what the hell our staff were playing at because they didn't seem to have a clue as to what was going on. Finally, after what seemed like an age, we finally sent Mr Spock on, accompanied by a chorus of jeers. Absolutely clueless.

I left the ground feeling sick and completely empty. Listening to Kean on Radio Rovers taking the positives (or taking something else beginning with P) just made me angry.

His reasons for us missing the penalties? Well "Dunny" went off injured and he would have taken the first one (so no Plan B.) and "Gatto" taking the ball off Goodwillie for the second (no leadership to intervene).

Hearing him describe Formica as "Gatto" and Dunn as "Dunny" shows that he is nothing but a cheerful, glass-half full, poor man's Steve McLaren.

Get the hell out of our club you complete charlatan.

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Maybe a protest against Venkys as well as wanting Kean out may help. If they feel the heat, they may be moved to get rid of the tool in order to placate hostile fans.

Having said that, I think they will not get the message and keep Kean until it is virtually too late.

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