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SINCE 1996
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Got to be one of our worst signings in modern times.

£4m was a pretty penny under the Trust, and to think Ince splooged it on this nonentity. I'm shocked he's even made 38 appearances, to be quite honest! :o

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I was just running a quick scan on my antivirus and the words VINCE GRELLA flagged up a security risk. Apparently it is a known virus which lies dormant before fraudulently using your bank details to rip you off to the tune of a few million.

Its a strange virus which wouldn't be termed so much of a worm as more a slug.

Luckily i ran my firewall which the crock of a virus couldn't get past with its zimmer frame in tow.

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Dirk if you call breaking a fellow players leg having a good world cup what would you class as a poor one? :rolleyes: and I don't know which Torino or Palma games you saw Vince in because 95% of the time he spent on their sidelines! :lol:

He averaged 29 league games per season in the 6 seasons before joining Rovers. Are you telling me they play 580 games per season in the Serie A? And people here complain about the schedule around Christmas/New Year....

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He's soo much the wrong person for that company to do a press release on.

If he were an animal he would have been put down 2 years ago, to stop the suffering.

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