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[Archived] BRFCS Podcast 25


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In BRFCS Podcast 25, Wen Y Hu, Kamy and Paul discuss the QPR Game, the ownership of Blackburn Rovers, Graham Jones, Wayne Wild.

QPR Round Up


*Bradley Orr

*Kean's substituions

Ownership of Blackburn Rovers

*Graham Jones in Parliament

*Wayne Wild's potential bid

*Venky's ownership

Our thanks to podcast producer J*B (Josh) and to Glenn for preparing this podcast.

The Podcast is published on the front page here.

It is however available below on the podcast player (you'll need to stay on this page):


Or on this download link


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Hi Daniel;

I have maintained dialogue with the editor of the said article and he states that there has been no communication or anything countering it by Venkys. I'm not too sure on the business side of things, but would be interesting to see if they have been impacted in that way. But certainly, nothing on a family level seems to have been effected.

Good podcast

I would love a discussion about if those articles in the Indian press have had any effect at all in the next podcast.

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In a future podcast please can we have a discussion on Administration in general and what it would mean for us specifically?

Many thanks for all the work you put in.

We have at least three major podcasts coming up, with some seriously good guests.

I'll pass this on to Wen Y Hu, who arranges guests.

Would PhilipL be in a suitable position to host a podcast on this?

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Can we start a Kamy lemsip fund?

:lol: Sorry about that, can't be easy to listen to, been really under the weather, just can't seem to shake this darn cold.

Shame about your cold, Kamy. But please buy several boxes of tissues and blow your nose regularly.

I love the opening theme to these podcasts. It sounds very professional.

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