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[Archived] Nick Harris

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Nick Harris has been nominated for the Football Supporters Fedeation Writers award. He deserves our support for the way he has covered Rovers and for the way he continues to try and get to bottom of what is going on. Also just noticed that Lancashire Telegraph have been nominated, again deserve our support for their backing of fans!


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Its strange. A year or so back I had Nick Harris down as a mouthpiece for Venkys; seemingly keen to convince everyone that Venkys were both extremely wealthy and also good & dedicated new owners of Rovers.

Along with the twitterings and media statements of many of the Rovers senior players I viewed his articles at the time as a kind of propaganda.

Something seemed to change and Nick Harris appears to have worked very hard to present as true a picture as possible of the goings on behind the scenes at the club and in Pune. I don't think he has pulled many punches and it would appear that he has been willing to follow up leads and lines of enquiry to expose some of the terrible decision-making thats gone on.

Coupled with this I find his articles interesting and well-researched.

So, this is a long way of saying 'Done' - he has my vote. Good luck Nick.

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