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January Transfer Window


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no thread for this yet, normally one of the admins would start one of these, but were only two days from december so...

gonna go over a few ground rules, so this thread doesn't get closed.

things you should post in this thread:

  • who you think we will sell, for what price, and why we should be selling them.
  • what (position) and who (full names please) you think we should sign and why
  • rumours / news you hear, state the source and the likelihood of it happening.
  • your opinion on the players we are linked with (with evidence to why you think that).
  • your opinions on other deals done in this division and across europe.

things you shouldn't post

  • rumours with no source, i.e 'just heard that beckham is coming to rovers defo.'
  • abusive posts with no purpose other than to troll people.
  • anything to do with steve kean.
  • try not to go too far off topic

think that covers it, so ill start things off.

I read in the Daily mirror (not the best source I know) that fulham are after robinson, I think this may happen, martin jol was his manager at spurs and they did relatively well then, I can only see it if we get Friedel back first though.

source: http://www.mirror.co...son-who-1451696

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Definatly agree with you on brad.

Out for me:

Goodwillie never going to do anything of use and on good money.

Linganzi either give him a go or get rid.

Slew times up.. done nothing on loan.

Josh king. - we currently have Marcus, formica, rosado, nunes, Bruno, ckr who are seemingly better and our own players who can play there.


Danny graham direct sub for Rhodes alongside best, isn't getting much game time at the swans


Kenwyne Jones big target man and quite well down the stoke pecking order.

Ignasi miguel young Arsenal centre back

Francis coqulin arsenal defensive midfielder. Same could be Said about frimpong.

Dan gosling tough box to box midfielder who could come in on loan. Crying out for him. Imo or man city man who ibrahim. Norwegian u21 750 k.

Barry bannan absoloute pass master, amazing how Lambert doesnt rate him.

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can't say i've heard of Ignasi miguel, but another CB can't hurt. otherwise I agree with them players, I think Jones would complement Rhodes well.

What I think we need most at the moment is a proper midfield no no-nonsense anchor/box to box man, so the likes of rochina can go forward without to the need to defend (cause they dont defend anyway -.-)

frimpong maybe? has he done much at charlton?

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Barry bannan absoloute pass master, amazing how Lambert doesnt rate him.

Bannan's been playing recently......it used to be Delph but now he can't get a game....can't see him leaving.

Out with Pedersen but there won't be any takers....Robinson can go as well, providing we secure a decent replacement......Kean or Usai to go out on loan with Edinho and Jorge as well.

With King and Linganzi, give them a go, if no good then get rid.

Slew can go.....Goodwillie can stay....Marcus Olsson can provide cover, he won't be on high wages.

Try out Henrique in the forthcoming FA Cup Third Round match (draw on Saturday), potentially send him out on loan.

Bring in a commanding goalkeeper, a full back, a commanding centre half, a box-to-box midfielder and a big brute of a centre forward.

On loan or permanent....anyone permanent should be able to play in the Prem as well, just in case.

1st February should be -

GK - New GK, Sandomierski, Kean/Usai

RB - Henley, Lowe, Ribeiro

LB - New signing, Henley. Givet, Martin Olsson

CB - Givet, Dann, Hanley, New CB, Henrique

DM - Etuhu, Lowe, New CM

CM - Murphy, Formica, New CM

AM - Vukcevic, Formica, Dunn, Rosado

LM - Martin Olsson, Vukcevic, Rosado, Nunes, Marcus Olsson, Kazim

RM - Vukcevic, Kazim, Rosado

ST - Rhodes, Nuno Gomes, Best, Kazim, Rochina, Goodwillie, New striker

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I disagree that Linganzi is worth a go, it is clear with him not able to break into the reserves set up that he isn't good enough.

I also think players like Markus Olsson, Bruno and Goodwillie need to be shed off the wage bill if possible, it is clear they are not good enough. Markus is one of the worst wingers I think I have seen us have, he has NOTHING but pace, Bruno is out of his depth and Goodwillie is unprofessional, has no pace or strength and lacks work rate and intelligence.

Then you come to Rosado, Jorge and Henrique, who I would loan out or if possible just get off the wage bill, they are not the type of players we need.

The big departure for me should be Robinson. He is not good enough, out of shape and no doubt on big wages.

We should bring in an experienced goalkeeper firstly, perhaps Craig Gordon on a free, although he is injury prone.

We need a leader at centre back, we have had Berg, Short, Todd, Nelsen and Samba over the last 10 years or so and we sorely miss someone like that. Perhaps a potential captain. I would not want a young centre back on loan from a big club, we need someone to organise the defence, players like Dann and Givet play better alongside a leader. I am not sure who fits the bill here.

We then need a committed, holding central midfielder who can partner Murphy, with Etuhu(unless we can manage to sell him) and Lowe as back-up. He will need to be disciplined in terms of positioning, committed and perhaps athletic.

I think up front we are more than capable of scoring goals, assuming we can get the ball to them. I would look to play 2 up front, we may need to be patient with Best but in him, Rhodes and Gomes with Kazim, Rochina and King(depending if we sign him, I will give him more of a chance but he has looked sub-standard this week), we have more than enough.

What we do need is natural width. Nunes does fit the bill but only in fits and starts, Pedersen is an option but I wouldn't be bothered if he was sold, and if Vukcevic is going to play, we may as well sell him. Formica isn't a natural winger either. We need 2 pacy wide men who can consistently get the ball in. Also movement out wide will stretch teams and crucially give Murphy options to pass to. The right hand side is the main priority for me.

So we need an experienced goalkeeper, centre back and defensive midfielder, as well as some pace down the right wing as a priority. Will we get it? Doubtful.

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Gordon is far too injury prone....it would be like signing McFadden or Kieran Dyer or someone like that.....much rather keep Robinson.

Goodwillie, like everyone else, should be judged after playing under a real manager.

If we sign at least 1 full back to play along with Henley, then Vukcevic and Olsson can be our main wide players, with Kazim and Nunes as back up.

Personally, I would sort out CM, CB, LB and GK before seeing what money there is left to work with on a big striker and winger.

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They are quoting this story from Sky


Ordinarily I would be concerned at replacing a former England goalkeeper with a 41 yr old but Friedel has been the best Goalkeeper in the Premier league this season so he has still got it.

A new environment will be good for Robinson personally.

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January will be very important to see if Berg gets his players and the board supports their manager.

I would say that, if 3 or 4 players enter and one "new" player has Best should be ready in February.

So, there are diferent groups of players:

- Last year of contract:

  1. Paul Robinson - should sign a new contract or be sold
  2. Gael Givet - the same but most likely to be sold since he still has some value and he is not a first team option
  3. David Dunn - could be important for the team but Berg can't rely on him since he is too injury prone. Should stay till the end of the season
  4. Danny Murphy - not playing well as a starter, should be a player Berg will try to replace. Stays until the end of the season.
  5. Sebastien Usai - no idea of he is any good.
  6. Amine Linganzi and Myles Anderson - should be sold or loaned out till the end of their contract

Older players that are on high wages and are not first team options:

  1. Nuno Gomes - I think he still has it but he is not an option and probably can still be sold to some arab country.
  2. MGP - should be sold, doesn't have much to offer to the team he is on high wages (probably)
  3. Bruno Ribeiro - reaching his thirties and not an option for Berg. Should be sold or loaned out.

Players that are not first team players and still have some market value:

  1. Simon Vukcevic - still has some market value and hardly an option for Berg. Should be sold of possible.
  2. Nuno Henrique - I have no idea what he is worth and if Berg rates him or not. Sold or loaned to another Championship team.
  3. Marcus Olsson - possibly still has some marke value and lost some space with the arrival of Joshua King
  4. David Goodwillie - If Berg can't recover him, loan or sell him.

Young players that should go on loan to other Championship teams:

  1. Diogo Rosado - he has quality but needs to grow in English football
  2. Fabio Nunes - the same as above
  3. Jake Kean - needs to play more often

That is my view concerning our current squad.

Obviously, not all players will be sold and a lot depends on who Berg is able to bring to team.

We currently have 3 players on loan. Does anyone know how many can we have?

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I'm not certain but we're allowed quite a few I think....their might not even be a limit on it.

I agree with some of what you said but I wouldn't want to get rid of too many.

And certainly not Givet, Gomes or Nunes.....or Vukcevic as well actually,......and I'd probably keep one of Pedersen and Dunn for the experience in the dressing room etc.

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For me it's about the value they have.

If they are not playing, on big wages and someone still wants them, maybe they should be sold.

But always considering that a player that Berg wants is already lined up for their place.

I would keep Dunn but not Pedersen.

If Nunes is not going to play, I think it would be best if he was loaned to another championship team.

Most of the players would only leave if a replacement entered but, of those I mentioned, only Murphy and Robinson are starters in the current prefered team of Berg.

And all players in should be for the starting 11.

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A good box-to-box midfielder should be the highest priority for Berg.

We have a good GK, a decent defence which is now just starting to grow together as a team and once Best is back, we will have a good enough forward line for this division.

It's the middle of the park that we've been poor this season.

As for shipping out, let's offload some of these Portugeezers if they're never going to get a sniff for the first team.

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where do you start?

pace and mobiliy at the centre of defense - Hanley Givet and Dann just arnt mobile enough there have been times this year when they have playing in quick-sand

a right back - even if its just back-up , i think Henley has done superb but its a big ask for a young lad to perform for 30+ games in his first full season

right winger - Formica again done ok but he lacks pace , and if he's not available for whatever reason its square pegs in round holes time

dominant central midfielder - Etuhu could've/should've been the destroyer aloowing Murphy to play ... just hasnt happened

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assuming that Best is back sooner rather than later, he will be a "new" signing and will reduce the pressure on our forward line....

we need to address the midfield - 2 central mids required, one workhorse, one with skill and creativity (a-la Tugay)

get shut of the past it murphy and the very disapointing etuhu

also a winger - fast and creative

need another centre half - i still think Dann is too mistake prone (especially at a higher level, where he will get punished!)

and another full back as cover who could fill in at either side...

and a goalkeeper..!!...

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Get Brad back for starters. He'll get more out of this defence than Robbo surely will.

Then we need to address the midfield.Both Murphy & Etuhu play like they'd rather be anywhere else than here. But what sort of midfielder we do need? People keep talking about a "box-to-box midfielder" - but nowadays those players are a rare breed. Who was the last decent one we had?

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Who should Berg be looking to bring in and ship out,What positions need strengthening?.I will start by saying mgp heart doesen't seem to be in it anymore.Also need to find a midfield genral with strength and leadership qualitys.

in the hypothetical world of the financial implications don't come in to it?? I actually think we will be working without new money in Jan relying purely on money raised from outgoing ''sales''.

Personally i think we need Paul Daniels and Derren Brown in our midfield to get up this year!

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Theres a big difference between who id want out and who could get out. Take murphy a 36 year old ish has been on a 2 year deal he's going nowhere. That said I'd look to get rid of about 8 and bring in about 4.

I'd get rid off Markus Olsson, orr, goodwillie, ribeiro, one of Formica, rochina or vukevic not arsed which as all the same but defo one of them, etuhu or murphy or both, pedersen think had his day now, couple of these Portuguese lads again not particularly arsed which. Defo need to trim wage bill as a minimum.

Then would bring in a defensive midfielder, attacking centre mid, unless Leon best fit a unit striker to hold ball up for Rhodes, centre half just in case one of our only 3 gets injured, plus any like for like replacements needed for eg if Robbo and Martin Olsson move on.

In fact the more I think about it I'd almost convinced myself we have a decent squad but in reality it's pretty atrocious aside from about 3-4 players. Would go as far as to say other than Rhodes I don't think I'd lose any sleep over any of the others going. Huge job for berg.

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I don't really know championship and lower league players in England well enough, but are there players from equal/lower level that might improve Rovers and that wouldn't cost way too much. Is someone like Anthony Wordsworth (Colchester), or someone similar something that might be worth a punt in an attempt to improve the squad with hungry lower league players?

Other than that I think the foreign and/or loan market is the way to go, since I don't see us having much money to spend.

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