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[Archived] Bob Crompton's CAP!


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Story in LT about 1907 England cap won by the "greatest Rover of them all" coming up for sale at Bonhams auctions Chester on Feb 20th.

LT reckons it will reach 800-1000 quid. I'm in agreement with those who comment below the article that this is a likely under-estimate. Kelly Houlker's cap sold for 1000 quid last year and he is less well-known (but the cap is older!)

Anyway, the point of my post is to support those who say that this is a unique piece of Rovers history and should be bought by the Club and displayed at Ewood. Can the Fans Forum or any other group approach the Club with this suggestion? It would be a magnanimous gesture which might do the owners some good.

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In the new Ewood we were promised a Rovers Museum. At the time the excuse was that the National Football Museum was a competitor and we were getting the Ground ready to win the Premiership. Now we need to preserve 'our' history more than ever.

Where is 'Burnley Bob' again on this one?

Keen to contribute 100 pounds as a contribution to at least 1500 pounds needed.

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Whilst a good idea to raise the funds, donate it to the club whilst owned by Venky's ? not a chance , they have shown they have little interest for the clubs history and its supporters, and are happy for idiots to run amok in the boardroom, so it would probably end up on ebay, in a cupboard or on a newly bought shelf behind a picture of Tom Finnney.

Wonder if Blackburn Museum would be happy to accept it and display it?

Wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Burnley Bob to say anything still taking a vow of silence with the order of the protectusoldboytieus

If the Raos wanted some good PR they would buy it themselves on behalf of the club

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The New York Rovers are pleased to announce
that they are going to attempt to purchase Bob Crompton's England Cap
and donate it to the club for safeguarding.

We believe that any cap belonging to 'Rovers greatest ever player' should be held within the grounds of Ewood Park and not in the collection of some wealthy (Probably London based) collector.

The auction is estimated to reach $1,300, the New York Rovers are
prepared to start to campaign with $100, if we find another 12 people to
do this then we can purchase this important piece of our history. Any
donations are welcome, I will be collecting money until February 19th
and then making an online bid.

If you wish to donate please
send the money via Paypal to: SJBradleyNY@yahoo.com - Please clearly
mark the donation 'Bob Crompton'.

IF WE WIN: The cap will be
sent to Ewood Park along with the information of everyone that helped to
purchase it (Even if you donated a dollar.) (It will be LOANED to the club).

IF WE DON'T WIN: I will refund all collected money.

The purple velvet cap, embroidered with an England badge and the 1907
date, was presented to Mr Crompton for his appearances in the matches
against Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Crompton was born in Blackburn on September 26, 1879 and grew up in Harwood Street with his parents and three brothers.

In his book, Blackburn Rovers: A Complete Record,1875-1990, club
historian Mike Jackman said: “Quite simply he was the greatest ‘Rover’
of them all.”

Altogether right back Crompton made 529 Football
League appearances for Rovers between 1896-1897 and 1919-1920, a feat
bettered only by Ronnie Clayton and Derek Fazackerley.

helped the club win two Football League titles and later, as Rovers’
manager, he also masterminded Rovers’ 1928 FA Cup final triumph.

In his book, Mr Jackman said: “Victory in the 1928 FA Cup final was a
welcome if unexpected boost and provided Crompton with the trophy that
had eluded him as a player. The league position also improved with
Rovers finishing twelfth,seventh and sixth during the first three years
of his reign.


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True. Thankfully, not as much as Kickstarter which I was going to try initially. Basically, whatever is in that account on the 18th / 19th will be the bid. Paypal refunds the fee on each transaction if it is refunded so if we don't win, no problem.

Ste, apologies for the cheeky ask...but any chance of having this more visable on the site for a couple of days?

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Be a bit ironic if we ended up bidding against the Raos!

By the way, does everyone realise that Bob Crompton died on 15 March 1941 in the evening after he'd watched Rovers beat Burnley 3-2 at Ewood?

How legendary is that?

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Great idea, but be aware Paypal take a percentage of each donation.

They give you a choice. You can either tick the box which adds the Paypal fee to your donation or include the fee and reduce the donation.

Getting excited about this. Well done NY Rovers!

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I am going to bid for this myself. What is ironic is that you could pick one up from a stall on Chorley Market for sod all about 40 years ago.

Rovers fans bidding against themselves - brilliant. Benefits no one but the vendor.

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Preston Blue----In 1974 I saw a shop window full of Lowrys for sale in Preston-----about 900 quid each---the price of an average car at the time.

What are they going for today? 2-300 times as much! The thing is I was no nearer to meeting the asking price then than the asking price now. Oh for time travel!

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Rovers fans bidding against themselves - brilliant. Benefits no one but the vendor.

If somebody is a private collector of rovers memorabilia, are you really saying they shouldn't bid for it just because somebody else is? It happens on eBay all the time when an unusual rovers programme comes up for auction.

If I had the finances I'd probably try and seriously bid for it myself...fair play to PB I say.

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I can't ask noone to bid against us, it is unrealistic to think that noone will. The fact is though, we are doing this to help preserve the clubs past. I hope that whoever wins has the club in mind rather than locking something away in their own private collection.

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