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[Archived] Match Preview Volunteers

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It's that time of year again when I'm on the scrounge for match preview volunteers. Thought I'd get this up to give you some time to prepare.

Everton - cn174

4th Derby County A - KHod
7th Carlisle (Cup) A - Blue blood
10th Nottingham Forest H
16th Doncaster A
24th Barnsley H
31st Bolton H - m1st

15th Burnley A - Proundtobeblue&white
18th Leicester A - Jimmy612
21st Huddersfield H - Stuart
28th Bournemouth A Amarillo

1st watford H - Salgado Is A Hero
6th Wigan A - Mike Ellison
19th Charlton H - darrenrover
26th Blackpool A - K-Hod

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How do you evaluate what Rhodes is worth?

In terms of Rovers, what does Rhodes bring to Rovers. Simply most likely 25-35+ goals this season. (I do think his overall play has looked a lot better in the last two games as well - pretty obvious he is working very hard in the games - just look at his movement)

If Rovers carry on with the improvements they have shown of late then there is a more competitive team behind Rhodes. A team that keeps possession, likely to create more chances for Rhodes than last season and may well concede less goals than last season. In those cirumstances his goals could be well be what propels Rovers into the playoffs or higher.

Obviously time will tell and we cant fully know yet as its such a new young team - the team is already performing better than last year . Where would we be if some of the silly individual errors hadnt occurred in the first few games, games in which we overall had higher possession and more control than the opposition, which actually I think is pretty impressive when you consider how new the team is - especially the midfield and that you can argue with the introduction of both Marshall and Evans is now stronger.

In my view in these circumstances he is worth a whole lot more that £6-8 million. If Wigan can sell a midfielder for £14/15 mil of the standard of that player then even suggesting Rhodes is worth £6mil is very derisory.

Wigan if they did bid or may any kind of enquiry if not a bid, then they want Rhodes because they believe its his goals that would get them back to the Prem. That is worth more than £6mil.

In some ways Rhodes is worth more to a Championship team that hopes and believes it can get into the Prem when they can pretty much know he will score a lot of goals in this league than he is to a Prem team simply because he isn't yet proven in the Prem.

So sorry if Wigan can get and hold out for £14/15 mil for the standard of midfielder that midfielder is, then we have every right to expect Rhodes to go for a lot more than 6/8 Mil.

I genuinely think with his movement and now it seems is willingness to work harder in games along with his goals he could be successful in the Prem. You need to put an attacking mid behind him who can commit players and pick a pass. If the midfield has some pace so teams cant push up on Rhodes because of his lack pace then you could see him scoring goals as I do think his ability to take chances is top notch. He simply has the ability to get himself into the right positions and find himself enough space for his finishing to cause issues for the opposition.

For those that talk about is weaknesses in that his first touch could be better his hold up play could be better. Id like to point out if you look at how he scores and the types of goals he scores he isn't a striker than just gets tap ins, yeah he gets his fair share of those which when you consider he isn't the fastest player is actually impressive. He scores from all over the box - he can strike a ball amazingly well and can volley. He is also a very good header of the ball. From a defenders point of view that makes him a complete nightmare. It seems that quite often Rhodes first touch isn't to bring the ball down and run at a defender its to put the ball in the back of the net.

Im sure I am going to get shot at but funnily enough I think he would do well for a team like Arsenal as a previous poster has said. I think his goal scoring is far more all round than Jeffers who failed at Arsenals ever was. With a team like Arsenal that already has the ability and pace in midfield to keep possession its actually someone who is going to smash the ball in the net that they need. (that and someone who is better defensively in midfield!)

You cant rule out that now he is hopefully getting better coaching, better fitness training that he wont improve his weaknesses as well. Imagine if he was that bit stronger and bigger which don't forget could happen easily as he is young. The facilities available to him at Rovers are so much better than he had before joining us so there is a chance the technique and strength could improve.

I have seen people suggest that there have been lots of other strikers in the Championship that score 20 goals. How many were capable of or you thought would get over 30? He wasn't far off 30 in a poor team. Its not unrealistic to think in a better team he will get more. Recent games suggest give him more chances and he simply scores more goals. It really wouldnt completely shock me if actually he was in the higher 30s or 40s come the end of the season. He is already at 4 out of 5 games. (he might already have had is drop in form with not scoring in preseason and first few games).

The issue to me has never been Rhodes, its always been we have not had a good enough midfield capable of passing or keeping the ball. I want and expect more than a midfield that needs a hold up player upfront to simply lump the ball to. Get the right midfield behind Rhodes. It does seem that Bowyer believes that as well, Bowyer may have put together that midfield recent games seem to indicate it but time will tell.

We'll put you down for Doncaster Away then?

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