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[Archived] Iconic Rovers photo print for SALE - £550


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It's an exhibition print from the Football Museum.....many of his prints sell for £2k - £3k... A good investment piece...will rise in value

I shall keep hold of my post card then! I've seen his stuff at the NFM, he's very good. If Degsy is listening, it would be nice to see him put his hand in his pocket.......the Loons won't have a clue what it depicts!!

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Stuart Roy Clarke has an Iconic Blackburn Rovers photographic print for Sale


this deserves a home close to Ewood....

Footypix, do you have any idea how many prints were made of this.....and also if he is open to offers please?

(If I get it signed by the Poona loons it will go up in value :-)

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Mine sells for £40, see Sig.

I've got two of these and the quality is excellent. I supplied Ozz with bog standard photos, no jpegs or similar, and the finished article, about the size of 42", TV is great. I imagine from his stock images it would be even better

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