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Frank Stapleton

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Not mentioned like Ossie and Archibald, but Stapleton was another high profile coup for the club at the end of the 80s.

I recall being disappointed by him, and am surprised he made as many as 80 appearances, but as a kid I would have been too young to appreciate his all round game. I just wanted to see him hit the back of the net.

What are other people's opinions on his Rovers spell?

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Great player at Arsenal, Very good at United, I thought he was terrible at Rovers.

I spoke about him once to Terry Ibbotson our former Chief Exec at the time. He was as diplomatic as possible but I got the impression he was very disappointed with Stapleton as well.

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Good signing on paper and he still knew were the net was but his legs were gone gone gone from what i remember he really struggled to run around. Still some good touches though but spent lot of time on his arse taking 5 mins to get up again ?

Mind you he still had more about him than Mick Duxbury !

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franks legs had gone by the time he signed for us,though he did manage to modify his game,he still held the ball up well and was hard to shift once he had possesion,did as well as you could expect imo,he`d had a long career at the top remember,15 seasons with man utd and arsenal,was a great player in his prime

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2 hours ago, IrelandsRover said:

Well he was 33 when he signed for us so don’t know what people expected really. He was never a prolific striker either 


This. He was brought in to hold the ball up and he was an expert at that, his legs had gone but a he had a very, very wise head on him.

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