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Great Footballing quotes ....

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1) " I never comment on a Referee's performance, Brian, and I'm not breaking my rule for that incompetent Pratt " ( Ron Atkinson )

2) " Of course there are better Centre-halves than you, Jack, but you possess the qualities I need in the system I wish to employ " ( Alf Ramsey to Jack Charlton 1966 )

3) Italian Journalist to Bob Paisley, pre-match before the 1977 European Cup Final, " Have you been to Rome before, Mr Paisley ? ", " Aye, just the once ", " A scouting mission ? " .... " No, 1944, on the back of a Sherman tank ! "

4) Post match interviewer, " Can I have a quick word ? ", Manager " Velocity ! " ( Martin Buchan/Gordon Strachan )

5) " I wouldn't say I'm the best manager in the Country, but I'm definitely in the top 1 " ( Brian Clough )

6) " I'm sorry Gentlemen, It's my day off " ( Alf Ramsey to the assembled Press, at his home the day after England's world Cup win )

7) " Kevin Keegan's a great player, but I wouldn't fancy his chances knee deep in dust ! " ( Bill Shankly, on hearing of a proposal to allow fans to have their ashes scattered on the Anfield pitch )

😎 " Tom Finney on the right wing, but I'd have to think about the rest " ( Tommy Doherty, on being asked to name an all-time British XI )

9) " We try to equalise before the opposition score ! " ( Danny Blanchflower to a bemused European Press, asking about Northern Ireland's tactics at the 1958 World Cup )

Some old chestnuts here, can anyone suggest some additions ? 

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My favourite Shanks quote was when he was asked if it was true he’d taken his wife to a Rochdale game on his wedding anniversary. He was utterly dumbfounded.

”What?” He asked “Who gets married during the football season? It was her birthday. And anyway, it was Rochdale Reserves!” 😂😂

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“I love Blackpool. We’re very similar. We both look better in the dark!” - Ian Holloway. 

“They’re the 2nd best team in the world, and there’s no higher praise than that.” - Kevin Keegan. 

“A football team is like a piano. You need 8 men to carry it and 3 who can play the thing.” - Bill Shankly. 

“ I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just wasted.” - George Best. 

“ If Everton were playing down the bottom of my garden, I’d draw the curtains” - Bill Shankly. 

And of course

“It’s a Lada vs a Ferrari.” - Stan Ternent 😉 

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“It’s a Lada vs a Ferrari.” - Stan Ternent 😉 

Stan was always good value for a quote ...

" A blind man on a galloping horse could see that was a penalty " ..

" I got a letter from a fan, complaining about me smoking in the dug-out, he said I was setting a bad example to young supporters .. I wrote back, on Club notepaper " Dear Sir, P**s off, Regards, Stan " ...

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''You have to remember. If they hadn't have scored we would have got a better result'' (Howard Wilkinson)

''Well the Germans beat them 13-0 and the Czechs beats them 7-0 so that suggests they are tightening things up at the back.'' (Ireland manager Steve Staunton when asked how many goals he expected Ireland to beat San Marino by).



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