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[Archived] Souness Goes To Newcastle


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By a process of elimination, he is just about the only credible candidate left-see my post on the Bobby Robson thread!

Cannot see any reference to Souness and the Newcastle job anywhere at the moment. However, Strachan seems to have been intervieweed as has the ex-Bayern boss. Link

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Just looked on Betfair and Souness is back down to odds-on favourite again. Someone must know something as there has been very little in the media linking Souness to the job.

Anyway, I've layed it so he'll be off within the hour! Can't say I'd be sorry.

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The way the betting moved this morning there must be substance to this story but there is still noothing on t'internet.

Anyway, assuming he has gone, let me say a big THANK YOU to Graeme Souness.

Without doubt the second most successful manager since the Rovers had managers (as opposed to secretary picking the team).

He did the really hard bit, getting us promoted then drove us on to Cup success and two Euro qualifications.

Timing of the departure is about right as well. We'll probably be getting decent compensation unlike when Newcastle stole Gordon Lee from us.

Now Newcastle can get used to not getting penalties and having referee decisions go against them.

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