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[Archived] Souness Goes To Newcastle


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in a morbid kind of way, i'm glad that he's gone. and he's resigned, so that means we do not have to pay him off. however, i'm also stunned. he never came across as such a character. resigning because of his family or his health etc, i can take. but not resigning to go to another premier league club. here's hoping he destroys them... and this continues newcastle's plundering of our ranks through the years...

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Been checking out some NUFC-messageboards and the geordies don't seem happy. Still haven't found 1 positive post about Souness' takeover. I for one am not complaining as my patience with mr. Souness tactical abilities has worn thin lately, and will welcome our new overlord whoever he might be......hopefully someone who'll recognise that a left winger should be played on the left, that a right back should play right back, that you actually need cover in all positions and not just bolster one position by selling and draining another. Wonder what our new signings are thinking right now - especially Bothroyd and MGP? And even more importantly - will he take Dean Saunders with him? Please do!! If not - next manager - Dean Saunders blink.gifsad.gif

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Is this a joke?

Having the rug pulled out from under our feet like that with no clue.

He sold Andy Cole because he didn't get along with him. If you sell off a decent striker for such a reason, that means you've made a serious commitment to the club. And buying players like Boothroyd recently...what was the point if you decide to abandon ship like that.

No doubt the geordie faithful will test his pacemaker.

Will he be in charge against us then?

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This is starting to appear around the net now like wildfire!

BBC Link

Newsnow Link

I'd like to join in with those thanking Souness in what he's done for the club. Overall he has been an excellent manager, though I was starting to feel he'd taken us as far as he could go.

The next appointment is indeed crucial. Souness can buy Jansen off us for £10m as payback for getting rid of Cole claiming the club wasn't big enough for both of them and then leaving! rover.gif

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Shocked. Stunned. Incredulous. But most of all, gutted.

I can't blame Souness for taking the Newcastle job as it's a brilliant opportunity, I'm just very sad to see him leave as he is a manager who I have true respect for; dragging us up by the bootlaces from the First Division back to our rightful place in the Premiership, to cup success and Europe. After the likes of Kidd and Hodgson I didn't expect to see us achieve anything like that.

He had a passion for the game which always made me proud to have him as our manager. He got us playing good football; signed big-name players, the likes of Cole, Yorke (well, he was at the time) and Ferguson. Brought through talented youngsters; Stead, Douglas, Duff and Dunn and, in my opinion, made us a sort of 'family club' - if that means anything!

His spats with referee's were legendary, coupled with his post-match interviews and he was certainly the best-dressed manager in the Premiership.

Souness had a bad time of it last year with bewildering tactics and under-performing players and in my heart-of-hearts I thought he'd probably taken us as far as he could. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that Souness was a splendid manager for the club and reinstalled in me the belief that Blackburn Rovers FC could compete with the 'big guns' once again. He deserves our gratitude and I wish him all the best at Newcastle (so long as they don't beat us on Saturday).


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I'm with Tony and PhillipL, Thanks GS for the memories.


Without having said anything I have been concerned with his efforts over the past 12 months and I look upon this as a good opportunity for us to get a new manager in and step up a gear.

Mark Hughes'll do for now. I'd like to see him given a go.

P.S. the barcodes are very underwhelmed with GS being given the job.

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