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  1. Did they play poorly in most of their first 10 games?
  2. Both. Its apparent the manager has his favorites who know they will start regardless of effort or application. There is no fear of abject performances
  3. I think you have missed the point. The reason those teams haven't won one could argue is that the teams that did win,spent more.
  4. Gav,I think you have gone mad On the Liverpool point,I will go for it anyway. They almost won the premiership in the last ten years and have been in European and English tournament finals. As for this season,ya they have faltered a bit,but they look amazing going forward and probably should have beaten Utd yesterday. We should be doing better in League 1 than Liverpool do in the premiership,Venkys or no venkys. We aren't and that comes down to the manager and players currently.
  5. My god it's amazing how bad you can see Ward and Caddis are in a 1.06 minute clip. Bennett greedy and wasteful. They should have scored at least 3. How is this acceptable? Did anyone see Dunns tweet? Saying the usual suspects are coming out of the woodwork again and then congratulating the Oldham manager on the win. Baffling stuff.
  6. Nice man,but performances haven't been good enough overall. My biggest concern though is the lack of responsibility he takes every game that we lose. It's always the players fault. Big worry and not acceptable. He either doesnt realise he is to blame or won't admit it There was no point or need to start Conway yesterday after being out injured,leaving our key summer signing Dack on the bench. From the reports it sounded like Conway was gassed very early. How would a manager not realise this,especially one with Mowbrays experience How we repeatedly show up and are out worked and out fought by the opposition is also frustrating
  7. Man,it ain't going to just click into place at this stage. Absolutely no signs that it will. We are going to flute around like this all season with false dawns and weak defeats. Probably make the play offs,but we all know how that could end.
  8. Who have we hammered? We bet Rotherham comfortably ,but still just 2-0. MK dons,4-1 ,but we didn't actually score our 3rd until the 80th minute .
  9. Limply means weakly
  10. Chaddy, that was exactly what I said. I said its Mowbrays team,players,motivation of them and training methods. And then I asked where is the personal responsibility from Mowbray. So not really sure how you are confused,but anyway.
  11. Its the manner of these performances we are pulling out far to regularly. We never comfortably win a game. Yet we limply lose to teams deep in the bottom half,both home and away. It's always the players fault then,yet he dropped Dack for Conway who had been out injured. Baffling stuff He is close to the sack for me. I hate saying that
  12. Yes,obviously,no-one is saying they shouldn't, but should Mowbray not take some responsibility instead of blaming the players every time we lose?
  13. It is his team,his players,his motivation and his training methods. Where is the personal responsibility?
  14. I haven't seen he highlights,but I was concerned when I saw that Dack was dropped for Conway. A player just returning after an injury lay off. Dack has been one of our best players of late. It just shows mowbray is an overly cautious manager and it rubs off on the players. He is making hard work of something easy. Look at Wigan. Case in point.
  15. Ya,I agree. We are creeping too far off the lead. He has to go for me. Hate to have to say that. How he can come out after every game and repeatedly say it isn't good enough. It's his job to make sure it is good enough