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  1. K-hod, you have until midnight.
  2. Yep and they wont want to end the season on a loss. A reason why we are probably fooked
  3. I was talking about meeting the sports minister here, not protesting. Not sure why my post is in this thread?
  4. Is it? I will be in Liverpool , at the races. Being distracted is probably a good thing!
  5. That's more than we get at some home games. What a turn out from their fans.
  6. They are both "big clubs" in the Premier league. Nothing will come of this. Although both owners are extremely dodgy. Knock off Mike and the 2 porn barons.
  7. Hopefully Huddersfield draw tonight V Wolves, leaving them needing a win to be sure of play-offs. If they win tonight, they could be in party mode....
  8. There very plausibly could have been a riot
  9. Would ye not just start "The bitching thread" and leave all your petty griping in there. Some other threads, like this one, are becoming unreadable.
  10. Where is our preview!
  11. I was wondering about Emnes. He is arguably our biggest danger man, but he has hardly featured over the past few games. I would get Danny Graham back in if he is fit. I'm not sure about Gallagher albeit he does score the odd goal.
  12. Ya, I liked Villa also. There were a lot of Irish players there in the 90s. Mcgrath, Staunton, Houghton and Townsend to name a few. Martin O'Neill was very successful there also. There are a lot of Villa supporters in Ireland. They will have another one if we win on Saturday
  13. Let me throw a scenario out there. In an alternative universe we are safely midtable in the championship and Burnley are in the relegation spots. We are playing Villa who are two points behind Burnley. Would you like our players to be professional and go out and try to beat villa or would you endorse football hari-kari? Have you ever cheered against rovers in a similar situation? How do professional players react to situations like this. If the villa players are out in their community this week attending events, surely fans will be encouraging them to lose to us, condemning Birmingham. Will it impact them?
  14. That was what I meant
  15. Both sets of fans wanting us to win .This will only end one way....