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  1. Bigdoggsteel


    Some of you seem obsessed with saying the majority think the government have done well, even adding in polls now. It's a strange thing to keep going on about as right now, with people being scared and in many cases confused, I would take any of that with a pinch of salt. Time will tell what the public think. Its certainly not as rosy as some of you maintain. Absolutely not.
  2. Bigdoggsteel


    He admitted they got it wrong just now, didn't he?
  3. Bigdoggsteel


    All of europe were caught by this and did things too late. UK was later than most. It's pretty easy to understand this, whatever way its spun.
  4. Bigdoggsteel


    Of course it is. It doesn't add up that they contained it pretty much in wuhan if they didnt know people even had it initially. People would have been leaving,travelling all around the country spreading it.
  5. Bigdoggsteel

    New Games/General Gaming

    Oh ya, I bred the gold one too. Actually a few of them. I actually had so much gil, I had nothing left to buy. Weren't there rumours about ways to revive her and that she wasn't dead? Pre proper internet days.
  6. Bigdoggsteel


    Its interesting too that publicly no world leaders are really attacking china. I am sure behind the scenes there is a lot happening right now.
  7. Bigdoggsteel


    Indeed. Same in most countries. Except China. I read the other day that 2 current chinese generals wrote a book 10 years ago that stated the only way they could beat the states in a war would be by releasing a virus, they could not do it the normal way due to Americas power. Interesting
  8. Bigdoggsteel


    Why are you sharing this Chaddy?
  9. Bigdoggsteel

    New Games/General Gaming

    Yes,I meant 7. The random battle music still makes me jump 😂 I nearly went mad trying to get a chococbo there. They run away so quickly. Obviously I bet the snake using the limit break and infinite health hack. My god, you ain't beating that at that stage of the game without it. Interesting that a new one just appears then. I always thought it would just be gone. Although I surely killed it first time around eventually as well. Some of the graphics look like art to me, the towns in particular. But ya, the difference between cut scenes is actually crazy. The blocky stuff looks dated.
  10. Bigdoggsteel

    New Games/General Gaming

    I'm working my way through the original FF8 for the first time since I played it when released. More than 20 years I suppose. Took me 3 hours to get out of Midgar. I'm in Junon now. Took me around 100 hours each of the 3 times I played it back then. Will be considerably less this time. I'm really enjoying it.
  11. Bigdoggsteel


    Plenty of sheeple will just disengage brain and do whatever the government says. If they continued down the herd immunity route, they would have been out trying to catch the virus. Its worrying when you see this and what's going on in Hungary. Wont be the last place that finds themselves with a dictator when all this is over. I'm not saying the UK will ,before anyone thinks I am. Just pointing out a large section of the public can be easily controlled.
  12. Bigdoggsteel


    Does anyone else find the conflicting reports on mask usage confusing,or even more so, a bit suspicious? I am reading one place its a must, the next place then says it doesn't matter. I think it obviously does matter. So many topics like this. I read from one place the WHO said they weren't important,so that people wouldn't stockpile them. If that's true, even allowing for the intention to be good, its worrying that they would just lie like that.
  13. Very odd. There was hardly anything controversial or just badly done,was there?
  14. Ya,it was weird. So, it's usually 2 hours. After the Omega Guevarra match it looked like there was 30 min left on the stream, but it was just the dynamite logo non stop til the end. Was that when the Jericho MH segment was?
  15. Any of you watch last weeks dynamite on fite? It seemed to end 45 min early and Jericho and Matt Hardys part wasnt on it.

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