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  1. Lambert would be a deadly signing. Experience at this level. Won the division in fact. Was he top scorer that season as well? I would love if we sign him
  2. Ya, I don't care for him to be honest. He posted that he hopes we get the Dack from two seasons ago, not last season. Then a fan asked him how good is Dack at his best, Cryer responded low to mid table championship. I got a feeling of snideness off tweets, as I often do when he tweets about rovers.
  3. Nixon is a pain in the ass, always bad news See Andy Cryer on Twitter said Rovers will walk the league next year.
  4. If we could sign a utility player who can cover another position as well as centre half I would be in. What are Chris Sutton or Dion Dublin doing these days
  5. Apologies, meant Wharton. There is no point signing players in case someone leaves. Can't see us doing that. Ward was injured a lot, but I thought he was decent when he came back. Apart from the Bristol city game.
  6. Lenihan, Mulgrew, Ward, Tomlinson. I would not make centre half a priority
  7. Definitely a Dack song in there somewhere. PG and non PG versions
  8. Yep, definitely talented. Not sure about mentally though.
  9. Ah he would be deadly in League 1. Here's hoping. Keeping him motivated would be the struggle. In fact that will be the struggle for all our team next season.
  10. Trying?
  11. Didn't Lambert jump ship before the window opened?
  12. In fairness, they have paid out millions hiring and subsequently firing managers and their management teams. Berg, Appleton, Lambert, Coyle. The list goes on and on. 10 million or more with no progression or noticeable improvement. I see nothing wrong with promoting from within if people are up to it.
  13. It looks like the Ribble Valley alright
  14. Where does Elliot Bennett live? From the pictures on his Instagram, it looks like a beautiful place. I presume most players live on the outskirts?
  15. Would this thread suggest some.....optimism?