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  1. I wonder why Graham hasn't featured at all in the last 2 games? I thought he would be up for a game like that Sounds like Brady had a good game for Burnley?
  2. Jesus get off the fence why don't ya
  3. He retired late 2015. He is a first team coach at Shamrock rovers. He is a pundit on Irish TV as well.
  4. Why don't people protest to say they don't want Brexit?
  5. That video is absolutely hilarious. The lads must be watching too much Conor McGregor I love how windy they are, one little weasel trying to encourage his pack to join in because he is scared he will get beaten up alone. I apologize to any weasels reading this who may be insulted by the comparison to that little scrote. The taxi driver didn't beat him up anywhere near enough. We have similar "packs" in Ireland. Not really race based though, anyone is fair game realy. A few Bacardi breezers and they think the world is their Octogon. If you caught one alone they would require an immediate change of underpants but they are very "tough men" when they have numbers!
  6. Up to his old tricks the k**b
  7. Arry is assembling quite the squad of Renford rejects there
  8. Not a bad team all the same. A good keeper and left winger and could be midtable Premier league
  9. Ya and if we weren't playing Burnley I wouldn't care if we played 11 different players, like a lot of clubs did yesterday.
  10. Could put Samba centre half and push Jones to midfield
  11. We could just go 4-3-3 and play King and Kalinic either side of Modeste.
  12. In fairness, who would have watched it anyway? I would if I happened to flick it on, other than that... Nah. Now if they moved anything past the last 16 draw...
  13. And why should he have known? He is from a different part of the country. He just saw Rovers on TV, playing in the premiership, winning the premiership, winning a league cup, playing in Europe . He probably never heard of Burnley til a couple of years ago