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  1. I liked Walton, Holtby and Johnson. But I must hold my hand up, Bell who I’ve criticised heavily had an impressive return and, most of all, Gallagher showed that unceasing endeavour can affect the course of a game in a big way. Time and again he made the Bristol defenders rush their options to force mis-hit passes or win a throw in. Great stuff. Bristol did have some big chances in the first half but Walton and Lenihan made great stops. In the second half we looked much the better team. Let’s not stuff it up in the next 2 games!
  2. Absolutely. Not quite Liverpool v Barca but good enough!
  3. Fortunate to get a point. Nyambe was Rovers best player in my opinion; his pace came to the rescue on a couple of occasions and he had some good moments going forward. Dack had half time to get his head together but he let us all down. His tendency to kick out when he’s been dispossessed is pathetic. Yes he should have been subbed as we could all see where it was going. Swansea had so much more time on the ball than we did; many Rovers taking too long to move the ball forward. Gallagher nearly had a goal of the season....I didn’t think he had it in him! Rothwell totally anonymous for the second game on the trot. Armstrong had some wonderful opportunities to set up a goal but fluffed them all.....except in the 3rd minute! Walton made a great save, flying off his line to dive at the feet of the forward when the Swansea man looked favourite. Today Tosin wasn’t the assured, quality distributor we’ve come to expect with sloppy passes putting us in danger several times. Lenihan was back to something like his old self second half thankfully.
  4. Great start but since then we’re definitely second best. Ayew is making a mug of every defender he faces. Outmuscled Lenihan comprehensively on one occasion. The central partnership which has looked so good recently is all at sea. Rothwell is making no positive contribution going forward and none covering back. A complete passenger. Armstrong is little better but he did assist the goal. Nyambe is the biggest threat going forward! Dack close to a red at the end.
  5. Yes, i was going to mention that too. Derby played a lot of poor balls, several of them directly in to touch, when we snapped at their heels. Very pleasing.
  6. I agree with the general consensus. Tosin and Downing were my favourites today but their tight, ultra-casual interplay under pressure, deep in our own half, is sometimes nerve-wracking. But what about the Downing series of wonderful pressure relieving, long clearances/passes over the head of their full back.......with just enough weight to allow Armstrong or Gallagher to put in a serious challenge. Classy stuff, especially in the second half. Buckley’s 6 minutes put the willies up me for sure.....strange sub that. We’re still not generating many chances though. Rothwell is unconvincing for me. Neither he nor Armstrong deliver a consistent end product but Armstrong has improved I think. Gallagher and Brereton seem unlikely to be the answer. So Dack and Danny it is then and we keep searching for the best supply lines. Some problems have been addressed effectively this season, so I remain optimistic. Play-offs here we come!
  7. tonyoz

    Fulham Away

    Well my friends, it's 4 am here so time for bed. Thanks for the banter.
  8. tonyoz

    Fulham Away

    I'm also a Graham fan by the way...……………….heh heh!
  9. tonyoz

    Fulham Away

    I'm a Lenihan fan so I won't argue there. I disagree with your second paragraph though...……...we really haven't looked like scoring so far this season (own goals excepted). Gallagher is not the answer IMO. As someone else intimated earlier...……...it's a wee bit embarrassing having 12 million on the bench and sending Danny on to do the business!
  10. tonyoz

    Fulham Away

    Williams is not the main problem IMO. Personally, I would never play Bell anywhere ever again. Bennett earned a reprieve today. We have a lot of options in midfield but we never seem to find a potent combination. Many have spoken enthusiastically about Rothwell but I'm not convinced. We are not threatening the opposition goal and that is the main problem right now I think.
  11. tonyoz

    Fulham Away

    Part 1: Restrict the opposition to 2 goals maximum...……………...perfect! Part 2: score more than the opposition...…………...abject failure!
  12. tonyoz

    Fulham Away

    Williams did ok though didn't he?
  13. tonyoz

    Fulham Away

    All correct………………..but the bottom line is ……………..we didn't make their goalie tremble. It's worrying but I'm remaining optimistic after today's performance. We do have decent players but they need to gel soon!
  14. tonyoz

    Fulham Away

    I feel your pain Tom but it's still a wee bit too early I think.
  15. tonyoz

    Fulham Away

    Indeed. We closed down their ball-playing defenders well. In fact, first 10 minutes of the second half we created a few good opportunities by stealing the ball from them. Nevertheless, we didn't frighten their goalie at all if truth be told. All that money spent on attack and still a very poor return.

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