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  1. Gillingham complaints.

    Expect Club to respond soon re fans travelling to Gillingham. Sent message to CEO and got reply within 5 minutes.
  2. Protest @ EFL HQ

    I know that members of BRAG, members of the Trust and the 'old' WMC meetings are going next Friday.....so casuals will find people they recognise and can talk to. The FA and EFL must not be let off for their poor control of 'their' Leagues that give so many people so much money.
  3. Advert boards at ewood

    It worries me more that we do not have tall enough ball boys to vault all the obstacles.....especially when the Northamptons of this world are wasting time. Maybe draft in the Apprentices? Good for their 'ego balance'
  4. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Crowd helped encourage the Rovers through the last 20 minutes like the Premiership days. The Riverside being open(after the morgue of the Hull Cup Match) makes a massive difference. My Grandson really enjoyed it and never looked at his programme!
  5. Oxford away Tuesday

    I make a point of not commenting on a game if I have not seen it in the 'flesh'. You may have an entitlement to comment, but not an entitlement to be believed. !
  6. Blackpool/Oystons

    Many congratulations to the Seasiders. I am sure over the next few years we will look with a little jealousy, as our 7 years of pain becomes 8 and 9. Do not hold your breath that some of our Supporters will not still be neutral to the Venkys, Cheston and Pasha even in 2020. Lets hope for a revitalisation of our liberation efforts .
  7. I am doubting 'how far you can see'. Sorry. Any points we made at the Consultation meeting were actually about leaving a pseudo-Director as the sole UK representative of the Club.
  8. I thought the Alan Myers podcast let him off the hook and was bland. This one is just wrong and defies gravity....7 years of incompetent 'management' and spiral of decline.
  9. Well if anyone can point to a badly run Club that gets promoted then I may take your taunts seriously. Did anyone find that Cheston's answers were NOT embarrassing?
  10. Yes indeed....but Trust needs to be asked to do an Interview and there has to be an interesting angle for it(for the listeners)
  11. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Wharton's sending off was an 'orange' at most. The intention was not to kick the opponent....ref should re-read the rules.
  12. Of course......delighted by todays news from Blackpool direction.
  13. thanks for podcast....but it was a waste of 42 minutes of my life. Liked the comments re Greg Coar though.....what a dreadful 7 years for him and others and what resilience.
  14. Academy & U'21's

    Nottingham Forest had a change of owners with not too much money. They got in The ex-Brentford/Rangers Manager and have 5 youngsters in the team. As a result there are only 2 non-British players in the team/squad. Is this a Blueprint?! I was not aware that our Under 23s are less competitive than Forest Under 23s and they are in a higher League as a First team. They are inconsistent but I am told the football is more exciting and the fans are more engaged with the Team. Anyone know more?