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  1. mhead

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Renewed via My Rovers. Had to re-input my details but after all personal bits were in it became very easy. D o B was the worst -it was so long ago! There is an Instalments button, as well as normal Debit Cards.
  2. mhead

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Just renewed. The Date Of Birth bit was tedious.Is there a shortcut to just scrolling? Assume now we have to notify of any bubble. As long as under 10,000 STs I think the rest of the questions are fairly theoretical. In my current position as Chair of Rovers Trust I was fairly sure that Steve Waggott told me a few weeks ago that all existing parts of Ground that were used would sell season tickets and THEN the spreading would occur to BE Upper and Darwen End. So the thing about the JW Upper was just unclear( sorry ParsonBlue and Mr Jackman for palpitations....very sleepy in there though) Cmon Blues....it will be embarrassing if we sell less than Notlob.
  3. mhead

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    I can understand Fans disappointed that there may be an increase. But in 2019/20 the cheapest Liverpool Tickets were £685 in the Kop (not the wealthiest City or End) AND Bolton Season Tickets are currently £275 in the lowest bracket for a few more days before they go up to £299 on Sunday. Where would you pitch it? Surely we can sell more than Wanderers.
  4. mhead

    Summer Transfer Window

    Thought Dack and MUlgrew were the highest now.....and we need to put Dack's up to protect our asset. So Mulgrew needs to be transferred. No-one else above 12k per week, including our biggest asset which is Adam Armstrong. The 12 youngsters we have signed from the Youths plus 2 will be on less, cumulatively, than Mulgrew!! Good Management.
  5. mhead

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    I can understand Fans disappointed that there may be an increase. But in 2019/20 the cheapest Liverpool Tickets were £685 in the Kop (not the wealthiest City or End) AND Bolton Season Tickets are currently £275 in the lowest bracket for a few more days before they go up to £299 on Sunday. Where would you pitch it? Surely we can sell more than Wanderers.
  6. mhead

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Unbelievable reaction on here.....largely negative. I would beg you to do 2 things: look at the PNE prices and ours are not going to be anywhere near their prices and do the Maths on income vs expenditure. We all want the same thing and slowly we are getting close to having a Premier League ready side. Lets try and be 'supporters' rather than key-board negatives.
  7. mhead

    The State of Ewood Park!

    There is a team for the maintenance of Ewood Park. When it came to light about the weeds and the general untidiness , then a strong message to sort it was issued and within 24 hours it was done. A lot of the pictures were from the back of houses on Bolton Road, and not within Ewood Park. So great spotting by BRFCS members and a reasonable reaction from the Club. Now for Season-tickets going on Sale and us reacting to buy them,hopefully. to the initial limit of how much the capacity will be during October. As I understand it, the 6 Blackburn Wards still in lockdown, are making the Blackburn with Darwen Resilience Forum, who have to agree the Club's plans, very HESITANT!
  8. Got his silver tongue round all the academy players he produced and how he had to solve the financial problems(thought he caused them?) Of course he loves travelling and managing Clubs in new Countries. Blah blah blah Thanks for coming on, Steve mate, says his old Glasgow "in crowd" buddy Plus ca change.....
  9. Jim White just announced that K**n is on TalkSh**e this morning. If we get the chance to ambush please assist.
  10. mhead

    Luton Town away

    Gets me too annoyed to watch match on I-follow, but I thought the vast majority on here knew that Luton would win, so were right. What got me angry before(and happened again last night) was at Barnsley all the action/cajoling was coming from the opposition Manager and TM was sat there looking exasperated and helpless. TM was a strong defender himself. Defence is helped by a strong midfield. The forwards help by keeping the ball. The full-backs should try to prevent as many crosses as possible. Players confidence can be knocked by being played out of position. Young players have more energy than older players. Our great batch of young players have at least had more experience but If TM could sort out most of these key issues, at last we could have a fighting chance against motivated but less skilfull sides.
  11. mhead

    Wigan Administration

    By introducing more rigorous rules on Take-overs and Club Sales, including a Business Plan and a one year review. Clubs should have a minimum standard of governance, including Board Meetings and appointment of a Non-Exec Director from Fan Base. Agents fees; Spending in line with Income; Salary Cap proposals;rules on Key Assets. Our Football is just as important as Tate Modern,the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Opera House etc etc
  12. mhead

    Wigan Administration

    Rick Parry(now of EFL) has just given a completely toothless response to fairly soft questioning from Jim White on TalkSport. Basically he says "the Clubs wont agree to tighten up the rules, because it will reduce the number of potential Investors" Put simply in the Wigan situation this is first of all a "Fraud Squad/ Interpol" investigation and secondly a Government issue -the DCMS has skirted round this too many times over 20 years.
  13. mhead

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    I did not vote. But if you said we could replace him with Gareth Ainsworth then 'yes'. The Club needs building up again , based on a Welcome Back to Ewood(including Venkys cos they are payrolling us) The Team has to keep introducing younger players(on less wages) and the Club itself has to start marketing itself as an Unfashionable Alternative Club, which just so happens to be "The Most Successful Town Club in the World". Lets get the seating sorted for 10,000 capacity from September onwards(during 2020) and then offer a £275 season ticket for the next Season(with 12 monthly payments of £25 pm) -ground only open to Season-Ticket Holders. Then start a Waiting List for Season Ticket Holders for remainder of 2020/21 season. The Club needs to think differently, even whilst they are focussed on this Season/ Virus tests/general 'fire-fighting' Responses to chair@roverstrust.co.uk , currently in quarantine with I-follow in Sofia. Recent Newsletter on www.roverstrust.co.uk got over 150 responses. Thanks.
  14. mhead

    Cardiff away

    And no Joe Rothwell, plus with Holtby away from home we are just not competitive. Agree with Joe H. that it was the 5 home grown players plus Armstrong that provided the dynamism. The Youth Team are so good that they need to be accelerated. If they are still in training I would be blooding some of them before the end of the Season.
  15. And I thought it was the way the Manager set up Midfield. Rothwell = defeat usually away from home. Bradley Johnson should have started and we needed to plan to get the midfield area by the scruff of the neck. Morsey was poor but we never got momentum going. Very disappointing.

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