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  1. Reluctantly I went last night as Chair of the Trust but with limited expectations. I quote MattyBlue here because it mirrors a lot of what we said to 6 of the Management team when we met them on November 5th. I will add more on the Attendances thread after the Nov 29th Trust board meeting. We really hammered the £3 surcharge and I did again last night. Also our main theme is 'how do we get fans back into the habit of going?"......get them for 3/4 games and you may well keep them. We met a bit of a wall and a bit of a siege mentality(we have done this before/people complain etc etc) but the Trust will keep pushing away. BUT the 6 people we met on Nov 5th I judged to be pretty committed and excellent professionals(including Steve Waggott) and we must not be too harsh and critical of them. I would like them to experiment and go for a 2,000 target more each half season, around more £10 type matches/season ticket promotions and general Events. The Trust did put forward a number of great ideas put forward on the BRFCS Attendance thread here(as MCM1975 knows)and we will continue to do so. Back to the Consultation Event, it was ironic that the bitterness came from several sources but not from the Trust or BRAG - we were close together in the Forgive(but not forget) and Move On theme. Tony Mowbray talked about his Dad scratching the money together so they could go to Boro when he was 7, and squeezing thru the turnstyle to also get in free. The eyes of the audience last night started to get moist cos Tony gets it. Consultation meetings don't tend to move us on much, but I am sure many there last night will keep on pushing.
  2. mhead

    Preston tickets

    Welcome back Den...you know how much you are well regarded plus how much it has hurt these last few years. Hope you lose your voice on the day(out of practice!)
  3. Remember a good drink close to ground with Rovers supporters. Then amazing match with some players almost fighting with Kean on sidelines; think Nzonzi refused to come on as sub. Defence arguing with 'management' and my neutral mate commenting that we were a 'shambles'. I then went to West Brom away(our last Prem League match?) and we were even worse.
  4. mhead

    Rovers Trust-The Next Stage

    Thanks Stuart. Top item in todays LT as well. Clearly with the Club doing/acting much better in the last 18 months the RoversTrust is looking to re-set its relationship with the Club. There still could be a sale and (unlike Blackpool) we do not want to be caught offguard by this. About 10 of the Trust's 800 members meet monthly to discuss strategy and actions. We have been doing a 'gap analysis' recently on which skills we do NOT have(eg Crowdfunding, Membership Development etc) and will be sending out a communication re this soon. Personally, I have been 'lurking' intently on the Attendance thread and agreeing with most of the ideas. These we may take to the Club before Christmas. Any one who is interested in the Trust's activities and future work plan can email me on chair@roverstrust.co.uk
  5. A 'stretch' target for STs would probably be 12,000 ,,,,,,,,,so 81% of that is approx. 9,700 ?
  6. 3 Members of Rovers Trust are going tonight. I am away but not missing being there. As far as I remember this is on our list to ask or be answered before we can ask it! My question was " Now we have a CEO/Director do the Board have monthly meetings?" Fits in with JH Comments which I thought were spot on.
  7. mhead

    Oxford Utd at home

    If this match just re-establishes the connection between Club and Lancashire it will have done a fantastic thing. Reminds me of that moment when'Time to Say Goodbye' was played at the home match after Uncle Jack's death. Think I may cry again this afternoon/evening. RTID.
  8. mhead

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Stuck in Sydney before my flight back on Thursday. Its ANZAC Day here which makes it a very strange and slightly sombre day for me. After the fight for Promotion, the Day After is usually quite a reflective day. My thoughts go back to Brentford last year and how we all felt at the vandalism of the previous 7 years. Now the big result of this Season is how the fans have united again. The Rovers Trust still needs to be ready to take some form of control (however limited) in the Club but I think we can be more supportive of the Club now in order to keep the momentum going. The Close Season will show the intentions of the Owners. At 0700hrs this morning there were tears of relief we were UP....but should we have been here in the first place?. Lets pack the Oxford match and try and get some of those lost Supporters back next Season. Proud to be 'forever Rovers'
  9. mhead

    MK Dons tickets

    1000hrs from Bay Horse(Osbaldeston) 3 tickets purchased on Saturday morning!
  10. mhead

    Club Accounts Jul 2016-June 2017

    Great Summary Awhom111. It was mentioned at the Rovers Trust Board last night. If you do not know....praise from PhilipL is praise indeed. Thanks again.
  11. mhead


    Can you just imagine HOW nervous we were in April/May 1995? Sleep was difficult; working was impossible. Thanks to God for Ludo.
  12. mhead

    Gillingham complaints.

    Expect Club to respond soon re fans travelling to Gillingham. Sent message to CEO and got reply within 5 minutes.
  13. mhead

    Protest @ EFL HQ

    I know that members of BRAG, members of the Trust and the 'old' WMC meetings are going next Friday.....so casuals will find people they recognise and can talk to. The FA and EFL must not be let off for their poor control of 'their' Leagues that give so many people so much money.
  14. mhead

    Advert boards at ewood

    It worries me more that we do not have tall enough ball boys to vault all the obstacles.....especially when the Northamptons of this world are wasting time. Maybe draft in the Apprentices? Good for their 'ego balance'
  15. mhead

    Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Crowd helped encourage the Rovers through the last 20 minutes like the Premiership days. The Riverside being open(after the morgue of the Hull Cup Match) makes a massive difference. My Grandson really enjoyed it and never looked at his programme!

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