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  1. imy9


    Labour MP resigns from the front bench, you think Starmer didn't have a hand in this? There's an old expression, 'empty vessels make the loudest noise'- less is definitely more. I would say where has the PM been? Hardly ever see him and when he does open his mouth it is a train wreck. Why would Starmer interfere with this? He has closed the gap to 8 points with most polls and happily destroys Bojo at PMQS.
  2. imy9

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Both have become better players since Mowbray arrived. Raya was marginally better I'd say.
  3. imy9

    Swansea City home

    Well no because then we would be in the relegation zone. Three points mean we have a realistic shot of still getting into the playoffs.
  4. imy9

    Swansea City home

    We have lost our talisman Dack. Minus Lenihan our leader, Evans too and lost Travis in the game too. That on top of Rothwell. I'd love to know the cost of the first 11 of the teams in the top 10 today, we must be close to the bottom of spenders yet we are 3 points off the playoffs. BB is looking better by the minute.
  5. imy9

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I'd love to see the number of players Tony inherited that were either loans or their contracts were up for renewal compared to Bowyer. In the season Bowyer took charge we broke the championship record for a transfer with 8 million for Rhodes. We also had the likes of MGP, Hanley, Givet, Olsson, Best, Murphy, King, Dann, Dunn, Rochina, Goodwillie in the squad. Players who cost a lot of money /on pl wages/ sellable assets. In comparison Tony had the likes of Raya, Mulgrew, Nyambe, Conway, Guthrie, Stokes, Graham. I would also argue that Raya and Nyambe became better players after that season with Tony. So from the playing aspect Tony has rebuilt the entire squad and I was immensely proud to see: Lennihan, Nyambe, Travis, Buckley in the first 11 and Joe Castello on the bench.
  6. imy9


    Can we give Super Stewie Downing Player of the year now. What a signing he has been.
  7. imy9

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    But surely that's what managers get paid to do! Wednesday scored so he changed his subs. Also Buckley is someone that Tony brought into the team, so credit where its due. However on a broader point, I agree with most of what you have said on other threads and he needs to go.
  8. Yet they still pay the bills. Yet they still paid 12 million odd for a couple of strikers. We would be in Boltons position without them. Yes they are naive and yes they have made mistakes. However Tony has done this to himself. Can you imagine Hughes working with this budget? Houghton? They would all do better.
  9. imy9

    Preston Away

    Today is about the last few seasons. Goalkeeper error, lack investment in the defence. People playing in the wrong positions. Do the decent thing and walk away. I appreciate all that you have done but you have taken us as far as you can
  10. imy9

    Hull (A)

    Think we play Cardiff and Cunningham can't play.
  11. imy9

    Hull (A)

    Brilliant, just brilliant. Saturday we need to play Williams at LB, Bell should be nowhere that first 11.
  12. imy9

    Hull (A)

    Downing, Johnson and Williams have been class. Credit to Tony for choosing to play Lenihan and Williams together. Now hold on!
  13. imy9

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Gallagher has been immense, running everywhere. Cunningham MOTM for me.
  14. imy9

    Fulham Away

    Well I'm waiting until 10 games before I make a judgement as to the manager. I would start with Graham and Cunningham next game.
  15. imy9

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    The biggest decision that Mowbray has made. Letting your captain go, I'm intrigued to hear his reasoning behind it. I'd say Johnson to be captain but can see Bennett getting it

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