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  1. imy9

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Mercer I am a tad baffled. First of all the majority of our players are poor signings and our recruitment is poor. Now that's fine but the management is poor? Who gave the young players a chance in the same place??? Mowbray is no Messiah but I can see a style of play now and we look a decent shout for the play offs. Sacking him if he does badly over a few games, come off it lol!
  2. imy9

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yeah i see that. To be fair to BB he has looked like a decent player recently and if he can add goals to his tally then he may be classed as a successful signing ...big if...
  3. imy9

    Summer Transfer Window

    Why is everything that Mowbray gets right an accident and everything he gets wrong his total incompetence? Somewhere in the middle for me, definitely more positive than negative. Wonderful seeing our youth players coming through and thus far his signings have generally been successful.
  4. imy9

    Derby V Rovers

    Why change a team that has won 5-0? Let's see how the game progresses but JRC is one of the first names on the teamsheet these days.
  5. Brereton has worked his socks off and would be my mom, which seems odd as Arna has scored two and Dolan has been immense!
  6. All Ben there, well done Dolan! Excellent run and pass from Brereton in the build up
  7. That right side is far more attacking with JRC there. Will be interesting to see how they start, I expect a win by 3/4 goals today.
  8. imy9

    Summer Transfer Window

    According to that ITK account Manning will be announced on Monday. Amazing signing if it happens.
  9. imy9

    Bournemouth away

    Depressing but to put it into context. Solanke, 15 million. Lerma- 25 million Danjuma- 13.7 million We have Bell...:(
  10. imy9

    Summer Transfer Window

    Lindsay on loan is my guess
  11. imy9

    Summer Transfer Window

    Matt Jansen to Palace instead of United? I think Palace were in the championship but not sure.
  12. imy9

    Summer Transfer Window

    Absolute nonsense in this climate to even imply that we have money. Best to wait and see, but promising that money is being spent on a keeper and apparent bids for other players too.
  13. imy9

    Summer Transfer Window

    I thought we had no money? This deal is 500k so clearly Venkys have given Tony a budget to work with.
  14. imy9


    Yougov is owned by a conservative minister and have correctly forecasted the last election. The universal truth is that the gap between a Labour leader and a conservative one is the closest it's been for a decade. What do you think of the innumerable lies that Johnson tells that are demonstratably lies?
  15. imy9


    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/keir-starmer-boris-johnson-prime-minister-pm-poll-yougov-a9659026.html Clearly not. Starmer is not a born liar and can actually string a sentence without shouting and banging on a table.

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