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  1. imy9

    Loan Window

    Disagree about Sharpes comment, as by the sounds of it we bid over 5 million for Brerton however if they want 12 million then surely that's too much... I would sooner spend that amount on 3 players...
  2. imy9

    Loan Window

    Apparently he played most of the season on the wing...
  3. imy9

    Loan Window

    BLACKBURN- Brerton chase heating up, more later. Nicko Deffo something in this based on him missing the game for forest last night. Ideal signing for us, 19 and already 50 games in the championship. A potential Graham replacement.
  4. imy9

    Loan Window

    Makes sense. Can't see us paying more than 1 million pounds for him as he is out of contract soon.
  5. imy9

    Loan Window

    Maddison is not in the starting 11 or bench for Peterborough...
  6. imy9

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Well if we do believe him then Mowbray has only had a few weeks with this extra cash...this would tie in with the cheapish buys and then this sudden flurry of cash.
  7. imy9

    Thursday deadline.

    True to a point, however Sharpe confirmed that a sizeable bid had gone in to Forest and we had the funds to purchase said player. According to Sharpe Mowbray has turned players down who cost too much, only to go back when the price was right...all three players signed on permanent deals being proof of that.
  8. imy9

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Thanks for the link, very insightful. There are very few clubs who are in the red for transfers (we are one). Forest have spent a fortune and must be certs for a top 6 finish. My worry is if DG or CM are injured then we literally have no one to replace them. Currently our season relies on luck and that is an awful position to be in. It will be fascinating to see what the loan window does for the championship, as I sense the prices will be far more realistic. 3 more weeks to find out (!)
  9. imy9

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Currently very disappointed. I am willing to wait until August 31st and to be fair Tony may turn this round...but...we were told to expect 4-5 players and right now we have none of them. So a 6/10 for me.
  10. imy9

    Thursday deadline.

    I think the issue is not the transfer fees but the wages. We can't have Dack on say 15k a week and sign players on 20k. I have total faith that by the end of the day we will have signed 2 players and probably someone we haven't even talked about!
  11. imy9

    Thursday deadline.

    As confirmed by the manager of the Americans team.
  12. imy9

    Armstrong Signed

    Offers pace and an outlet for us to utilise on the counter. We were crying out for someone to run onto a through ball at Ipswich. Dack possesses the quality to find him too. Very pleased to see nearly 3 million spent on a player too!
  13. It is a serious question...who would you have played instead of Samuel? Who is the stand out performer on the bench that should have played first? There were no controversial starters, Williams hasn't missed a game has he in over a year? The subs, well those I can agree with...
  14. Out of interest who would you say was a controversial starter?
  15. What do you expect this season JAL? Position in the league? I expect at a stretch a top 10 position. I believe with those two players we have a shot. Also to answer your previous question, name ONE club in the championship settled and happy with their squad at this moment?

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