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    I am a English teacher by profession but my love is Blackburn Rovers whom I have been supporting for 20 years.

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  1. imy9


    Isn't it a key part of management to make your existing players better ones? Raya, Nyambe, Williams, Evans, Bennett and Lenihan have all been better for us under Tony.
  2. imy9


    Bennett oh my goodness! Unselfish by Dack and nice finish by Reed.
  3. imy9


    Pass of the season by Bennett, according to the commentators.
  4. imy9


    Another great move. What a finish by Graham.
  5. imy9


    What an outstanding move and finish.
  6. imy9

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    What a great free kick.
  7. imy9

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    That extra quality makes the difference. Reed and Brereton.
  8. Not happy with the second half but it is a wake up call. Personally cannot see the Dack pic making a difference to the numerous poor decisions and performances, that's on Mowbray and his line up chosen today.
  9. imy9

    Loan Window

    January will come round in no time, we shall get Chapman then!
  10. imy9

    Loan Window

    Signed for Sheff utd.
  11. imy9

    Joe Rothwell

    Umm..He is a find...played at Oxford in league 1 and was hardly setting the world on fire! We get him for a few hundred thousand and he looks excellent. Davenport is supposed to be better, so can't wait to see him.
  12. imy9

    ROVERS v Brentford

    What a win vs a title contender!!
  13. imy9

    Rodwell signs

    Guess the wink at the end didn't work hey... 1. He played for England at international level, meaning he performed at premier league level consistently enough to be called up and play three times. 2. Yes he did play 5 games but contributed enough to win a premier league medal. 3. He moved for 25 million because of City? Well he signed for Sunderland for 10 million too... Javi Garcia is/was an excellent footballer (googled to check his whereabouts, he is at Real Betis, playing consistently for a team that finished 6th last year). I agree Stuart he has been poo since, no doubt. My point is that he has been an elite player who is currently on 27. Having seen him play on numerous occasions for Everton, he always looked like a Rolls Royce footballer, Jason Lowe has never been or ever will be! If Tony can get 50 per cent of Rodwell this season then that is someone who will be more than good enough to get into this team and play at championship level, all for a low wage, end of the season deal.
  14. imy9

    Rodwell signs

    Aside from being a premier league champ, an England international and someone who has moved for 25 million pounds worth of transfer fees
  15. imy9

    Loan Window

    Think the words I used were total car crash... Don't think I said he was an amazing signing but he has scored in this league and would depend on what we are paying. Seems like we have two polar opposites people who say every signing is a great one, the other that Armageddon is coming and then a few who like me are waiting and seeing.

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