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  1. imy9

    Championship 2018-19

    Bielsa is a maverick, this is a massive statement being made by Leeds United. The likelihood of him being a success is 50/50 imo... However he is a massive name, managed Chile, Argentina, Athletic Bilbao amongst others. Leeds will be great to watch next year, I'm intrigued to see what happens...
  2. Jon Flanagan anyone? Released by Liverpool and still only 25. Can play right and left back if I remember correctly.
  3. He is first choice keeper at Bristol City and recently signed a new deal. Why would he come to us to stay on the bench?
  4. What a top bloke. He says the right things and on the pitch he has got it right so far. Genuienly excited to see who we sign and how the team shapes up this summer. Imo without any recruits our squad would finish 15th or higher, so with some decent signings and a little luck, top 10 is doable.
  5. Huth is a leader and we need a few more in the championship. Our overall squad needs to remain stable with about 5/6 new additions ( Chapman/ Armstrong May use up 2 of those spaces)
  6. imy9

    Championship 2017/18

    Pretty bad? That’s atrocious. Awful appointment. A managers job mid season is to improve the players available to him and give them some confidence. What has Lambert actually done?? Facts are that Moore at West Brom has shown what can be done, 1 in 14 or probably more pertinently 0 wins in 13 games. Edit 7.1% win percentage. Which manager in the history was worse? De Boer? Any other takers?
  7. imy9


    Tan did change the shirt colour from its traditional blue to red...then proceeded to change the badge of the club! He changed his mind a few years ago and subsequently the fans have warmed to him as he has admitted his mistakes. Tan paid ludicrous amounts of money on average players and that is why he limited his funding, perhaps agents involved here to? Anyway point is that Tan may not be as bad as the Venkys but that’s not saying much!
  8. imy9


    What a marvellous season, ended with a good win. Interesting question, how many Wigan/ Rovers players would you choose in a best 11? I would argue that Wigan have the stronger first 11...
  9. imy9

    Oxford Utd at home

    On whether the likes of Raya, Williams and Bennett will feature, Mowbray said: “That’s the hope. “They did a bit of training on Thursday and if they get through on Friday then they will be in contention to play.” “Fingers crossed.
  10. imy9


    Totally agree as we were a rip roaring success on the pitch when he arrived
  11. imy9

    Oxford Utd at home

    How did this happen when our manager said there was no chance that they would be fit? Oh darn he didn’t say that did he? Smile Stuart it’s a good day for us regardless of a result, you can save your Tony out banner until he loses his first Championship game (that’s tongue in cheek mate).
  12. imy9


    Arrogant attitude? We shall have to agree to disagree. I think he has been very respectful of the opposition and has made sure that the players display a hardworking and positive ethos at all times, including the training ground- something he eluded to in the same article that is being seized upon now. I personally feel that if you read the whole article and not just the one line then you can appreciate what he meant. We still have one game left so let’s see what happens.
  13. imy9


    If it doesn’t work out then there won’t be any tears from me, I won’t be blasting anyone. The players know that every day in training and every Saturday afternoon they are getting judged.” “We’ll go and try and win them, as will they, and whoever finishes on top, good luck to them. “The other one will also be in the same league next year and in a year’s time no-one will remember who finished first or second. “Hopefully there will be a good turnout at Ewood next weekend and we can find a performance to show the fans that we’re a hungry team and trying to win games.” Where is the defeatist attitude???
  14. imy9


    All of what you say could happen. However I remember the West Bromwich Albion side that he took up from the championship, playing a wonderful brand of football. I guess we will see. i hope we go all out for a win vs Oxford (I think we will), but he has earned the respect of the fans IMO and doesn’t warrant some questioning his integrity.
  15. imy9


    10 game counter has been reset- Stuart. That’s one of many. Have your opinion on winning the title but we had a glut of injuries, those playing are not as good and we played Charlton away who are 5th and by all accounts we were unlucky to lose. Oh and changing the thread to ‘Surrender of the title’ implies it was ours to surrender...(Wigan have been ahead ALL season- surely that’s a thread for them?)

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