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  1. As close to relegation as we are promotion as we enter March. Welcome... To the twilight zone.
  2. Yet to see a crewe fan say anything bad about Pickering. Not one of them is glad he's leaving and most seem to think he's bound for the prem. Glad to see we've addressed a problem position permanently, it's taken long enough.
  3. All the players look confused when defending. Nyambe is completely exposed down that right side.
  4. Change tack every half hour do Chelsea. Think havertz is struggling with the after effects of covid still.
  5. They want a German speaking manager to get havertz and werner firing.
  6. Probably not so we could potentially intend to break international law.
  7. To be fair, I'm not a fan of the tories. But in May that dolphin looking bellend tweeted that he wanted to stop the tories from appearing on GMB and is now asking why they won't come on the show....
  8. I must admit, I'd have chucked stergakis in this game. Warnock got rid of Pears because he saw he wasn't good enough. He's just exploiting his weaknesses, of which he'll know them very well . Thankfully for us their front line have missed every chance that's landed to em.
  9. 4 self isolations and 4 injuries (excluding Dack). No real surprise.
  10. Nice feeling not shitting myself evertime they go down our left. Douglas looks so much more assured with and without the ball.
  11. Really looking forward to seeing Elliott's raw talent. Happy to see him harness it for a season here and gain some first team experience. He's certainly talented enough to impact our season.
  12. This is an awful game to watch. No purpose behind anything we're doing.
  13. Shocking from Amariā€™i Bell, gloves in mid-October.
  14. I'm pretty sure Manning wanted large wages, he's been angling for a PL move all summer.
  15. I know he's gone to a champ side. But he does seem to have been angling for a PL move all summer and this had ended up last gasp. It might be a cheap fee, but wages could be out of our range. He's younger than Douglas, but I don't mind having someone as experienced as him around our younger players. He's also a vast upgrade on Bell imo.
  16. Must admit Chaddy. I'm surprised you of all people seem to be subdued after today.
  17. Haven't signed Elliott yet, but I think it's similar to the previous week where we have to have the deal sheet in by 5pm. Another positive this season, looks like we've installed a newer fax machine, maybe we've even implemented e-mail!
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