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  1. Sounds like Julia Roberts in the film Notting Hill, I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy. “I’m only trying to build a football team, build a club, with an identity,..." Where are all these missing defenders going to play when they are fit, all those who who would stop us conceding goals from set pieces, where are these stats? Ideally we all need to avoid getting personal or vindictive, we're better than that, yet it's not easy. Perhaps a Steve Waggott Discussion topic might be more relevant? He seems to be avoiding what might be considered his share of any flack. I w
  2. I don't think that most right minded Rovers supporters take any delight in stating the blindingly obvious, that Tony's game is up. I agree that he sounds like a decent bloke, straight talking and did bring about the much needed stability, yet in football management there is in reality only a certain shelf life, before one becomes stale. Reconstructing teams is possibly one of the greatest challenges to any manager seeking longevity. Even he realises that there is no loyalty in football, those involved it's all about the money first and foremost, it's only us supporters who apply other cr
  3. Nyambe is our best right back and would not be out of place in any other Championship team. Playing in other Championship teams who are coached to defend properly and in all likelihood would improve Ryan into a PL full back. At times he has been treated poorly by Mowbray, being called out in public by him when possibly he might have been at fault, without similar such treatment to other players, which has been bizarre. None more so than last Friday, when if our manager wishes to call out publicly his players, he should have been questioning how their left back/left wing back was given the free
  4. Used to play Thursday evenings down at Witton astro pitches with Pelle, in the summer he would invite various footballers down for a kick around. Specifically recall, Scott Sellars, Simon Barker and Simon Garner joining in, all three found time to play and rarely gave the ball away, Garner specifically stood out, with how quickly he could turn and get his shots away, a short back lift that generally found the corner of the net.
  5. "I'm a bit disappointed as well that from some angles this could almost looks like a way the previous owners could take out the clubs cash without doing it directly and thus earning the ire of the fans. I'm sure that wasn't the intention." Sorry but for clarity, are suggesting that the major beneficiaries of the deal since 31st December have not been local businessmen and clarets supporters Garlick & Banaszkiewicz? All those small shareholders who in the past came to BFC's rescue were not afforded similar opportunities to benefit from selling their shares at the same price. Leve
  6. US owners more akin to the franchise operation, whereby there is no promotion/relegation. I'm anticipating more pressure on EPL and then further on down to the EFL, by top clubs (US based owners) to push for that European Super League, with such as Bumley and similar teams around them, being bought off with promises of EPL safety. Might be useful to really push for promotion this season or next, with the worry being that the EPL boat might have sailed otherwise?
  7. I think the writing is on the wall for Bumley. David Conn as ever succinctly gets to the heart of matters. Seems that those local previous owners are the ones who might have been the major winners... total first payment to Garlick, Banaszkiewicz and their fellow sellers was £102m And using the clubs own money to finance it too!!
  8. The focus and probing questions need diverting away from the playing staff and directly onto the coaches. They have failed to address the basics for defending properly, not just defenders but the entire players. Venus and Lowe, what are they doing in training to address our consistently poor defending? Start with defending set pieces, corners, free kicks and balls played into our penalty area, tighten up and be aware of the dangers, who knows we might benefit by occasionally scoring from set pieces too? Though too late in my opinion, they’ve had enough time and failed. It’s such an eas
  9. "When we've got everyone available..." Wow just watch us go! Although perhaps in reality those game changers might end up on the bench with two holding midfielders players instead at home, two centre forwards out on the wing and a little striker through the middle. Quite possibly I might now be that dinosaur, that I thought my dad was, when he went on about inside and outside forwards, two wingers whose job was to get to bye-line and knock it back, with three at the back. I recall Harry Chapman standing one up for SG to nod in, seemed a fairly reasonable way to break down your oppone
  10. I'd say that most supporters and people in the game, would agree that he is a decent manager, indeed I'd go further and say he is a loyal and decent man too. He can see and talk with passion about the game, emphasize loyalty that is otherwise lacking in football, he is able to sell this viewpoint which can bring on board players and supporters, almost all those who depart have nothing to say other than compliments about the man. I would say that "I think" (as I have no actual evidence to support this claim), that perhaps he is let down by his support staff, coaches, backroom team. If I wa
  11. He played a few games for Clitheroe last season, apparently had a fantastic match away at Droylsden.
  12. £10m Arma and Watford, was the rumour I heard.
  13. Boz

    Frank Boswell

    Hi Josh J*B might there be room in here for your Granddad? A keen and regular supporter of Rovers over the years, standing on the Riverside, passing the baton to me and then onto you & Mat. His favourite player was Dougie, a wizzard on the ball he'd say. Sadly passed away last Thursday and will be much missed by his loved family.
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