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  1. The focus and probing questions need diverting away from the playing staff and directly onto the coaches. They have failed to address the basics for defending properly, not just defenders but the entire players. Venus and Lowe, what are they doing in training to address our consistently poor defending? Start with defending set pieces, corners, free kicks and balls played into our penalty area, tighten up and be aware of the dangers, who knows we might benefit by occasionally scoring from set pieces too? Though too late in my opinion, they’ve had enough time and failed. It’s such an eas
  2. "When we've got everyone available..." Wow just watch us go! Although perhaps in reality those game changers might end up on the bench with two holding midfielders players instead at home, two centre forwards out on the wing and a little striker through the middle. Quite possibly I might now be that dinosaur, that I thought my dad was, when he went on about inside and outside forwards, two wingers whose job was to get to bye-line and knock it back, with three at the back. I recall Harry Chapman standing one up for SG to nod in, seemed a fairly reasonable way to break down your oppone
  3. I'd say that most supporters and people in the game, would agree that he is a decent manager, indeed I'd go further and say he is a loyal and decent man too. He can see and talk with passion about the game, emphasize loyalty that is otherwise lacking in football, he is able to sell this viewpoint which can bring on board players and supporters, almost all those who depart have nothing to say other than compliments about the man. I would say that "I think" (as I have no actual evidence to support this claim), that perhaps he is let down by his support staff, coaches, backroom team. If I wa
  4. He played a few games for Clitheroe last season, apparently had a fantastic match away at Droylsden.
  5. £10m Arma and Watford, was the rumour I heard.
  6. Boz

    Frank Boswell

    Hi Josh J*B might there be room in here for your Granddad? A keen and regular supporter of Rovers over the years, standing on the Riverside, passing the baton to me and then onto you & Mat. His favourite player was Dougie, a wizzard on the ball he'd say. Sadly passed away last Thursday and will be much missed by his loved family.
  7. I just hope our team show a bit more passion and desire for a derby match, it just feels in recent years this has been lacking, with our local rivals being far more 'up' for the game than us.
  8. Just a brief comment on the pie sellers. My mate used to do this, either walking round the perimeter or even in one of the pie outlets. On one such occasion, late 70s, Rovers were playing Chelsea in a cup match I think, now Chelsea back then had quite a following with a rough element looking to cause trouble. My mate and another vendor were in the Darwen End food shack, when the Chelsea lot decided to cause trouble and storm the hut, said pal fearing for his life had to make a sharp exit, via the emergency hatch onto the roof!
  9. Agree with the Plymouth game, I too have a similar memory. I used to take a collapseable canvas stool which I would place at the front of the Riverside stand which I would stand on, so I could see over the wall, at around the same time whereby previously we'd sit on the wall, as a bobby would saunter along pitchside and tell you to get off the wall. So there I am stood on this canvas stool when our third goal went in, the ground erupted, I jumped up and down on my stool, with the canvass giving way resulting in me ending up in a heap at base of the Riverside wall!
  10. Sorry, PNE are a better team? Ok they're getting better results than us presently, yet have they spent more on transfers and on players since Neil and Mowbray have been in office? One has used funds on more of the same potential unproven youngsters up front, whilst forgetting that 'defenders are coming' for a team that leaked goals in abundance last season. Neil targeted an experienced highly regarded lower league defender and nicked him from under Mowbray's nose! ToMo is not helping himself at present, especially so with such ridiculous comments. I can see the new style of play thi
  11. Yes I agree that the correct decision was reached. However it was the inordinate length of time for them to discuss the incident and then make the decision. I was posing the question as to whether there might have been any outside (from the on-field officials) input? Especially so given the apparent movement to their earpieces, as if listening. "Certain there was no other dialogue between the other officials", really how do we know this? We know that the officials are mic'd up, though who is involved in the conversations? If neither the AR nor the referee were certain and actu
  12. Putting aside my allegiance, might I ask a question which I genuinely am confused and am unsure about, concerning the disallowed goal on Saturday? I might have missed something as these days I don't follow every law change and/or different interpretation of the laws by referees/authorities. VAR is only applicable in England to the EPL and doesn't apply to the EFL and championship? The referee's decision is final. The referee is aided by 'assistant referees'. Yet who are these assistants? Two assistants referees running the line, plus a fourth official by the dugout. Then in the EPL
  13. Immensely frustrating afternoon at Ewood. I’ve seen Rovers now facing two promoted teams at home who I doubt will not finish in the top half of the table, with it feeling as though in total they’ve had four attempts on target and scored them all, with them being fairly soft conceded. Frustrated at big Sam Gallagher, I know it’s unfair to compare a young Alan Shearer (he’d do worse than watch a few videos), yet he needs to attack the ball when it enters the box, seems content to look to pick up the second ball. Frustrated at managers lack of imagination chasing the game, yes great get
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