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  1. Yet another abject performance from a team clearly lacking in confidence. The Everton loanee has been brutal recently. We can thank Warnock for that. I've been very vocal on this forum that I backed Mowbray, but football is a ruthless game and it's definitely time for a change. Them players are no longer behind the manager. Where do we go from here? Sack TM and bring in a top manager or scrape the bottom of the barrel and appoint Coyle MK2, I fear it will be the latter. One thing is for sure venkys next move will tell us exactly what they want from the club. Appoint a good ma
  2. This is 100% true on my behalf. I fear for an asset selling exercise in the summer. I hope to god I'm wrong.
  3. Dack has got a long way to go before he gets back to his best. But it was absolutely the rite decision to tie him down to a contract. Travis. His injury wasn't as severe. He's one of the players in thinking has lost faith in the gaffer. He's playing like he dosnt care or dosnt want to be associated with the current set up.
  4. Wouldn't say I'm his biggest fan. But I appreciate what he done for my club in its darkest times. I still respect him, but something isn't right at the moment. I think he's lost the dressing room and when that happens change is needed. But god knows who the loons from pune would appoint if he goes and we could find ourselves in a worse position
  5. Played OK today Certainly not as bad as previous games. But not good enough to win and I never at any stage felt like we were going to win or even nick as point to be honest. I'm ashamed to say i stopped watching after 80 mins and put the Millwall game on as a Millwall win would have won me near 700 in my acca. Managers live and die by their results and I believe TM should be allowed to see the season out and leave with decency. It's amazing how rovers can manage to ruin your weekend. 😭
  6. It's impossible to guess the team lol I've said before that I think the club have known for a while that Nyambe won't sign a new contract. Whick makes him easy to drop. I fully expect him to be sold on the cheap in the summer
  7. No real feelings for the game currently. Come 3pm tomorrow I'll probably get that buzz. We are certainly better than we are currently playing. I expect to see 5 at the back again, with elliot starting in place of Gally.
  8. Leeds spend 3 seasons in league one how many 'journey men' managers did they go through. What about Sunderland? Maybe you need to take your doom and gloom specs off and realise that alot of good work has been done during Mowbrays tenure.
  9. Coyle relegated us. TM near pulled off mission impossible. Everything good that has happened has been in spite of Mowbray everything bad is because of him. Five tour head a wobble
  10. Four painful years. Yep it was so painful getting promoted from league 1 at the first attempt. And 2 subsequent seasons of consolidation in the championship were also acceptable to most. It's only this season that things are starting to stagnate.
  11. Hiw do you know that he is unsackable. This is myth not fact
  12. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But imo everything thing with this statement is inaccurate. And actually insulting. He's much much better than Coyle and as far as credibility goes he's light-years ahead of that thing kean. 2 years ago in the championship it was positive and evident that he was building a squad. And we were making progress from where we had been prior to his arrival. The infuriating thing is now that he has that squad capable of kicking on, he just can't get them gel. As one off his biggest supporters I now believe its time for him to move on and see what happens
  13. Dosnt need to be good money. Any bid will do for venkys. Remember Tom Cairney
  14. They must be watching or at least have someone watching for them. They have forked out money this season when most other clubs are penny pinching. Worrying thing is maybe this was the last roll off the dice and watch Kaminski, dack, arma and anyone else worth a few Bob being sold to the highest bidder in the summer. God only knows what goes on behind the scenes at ewood
  15. I think even the most loyal of Mowbray supporters (like myself) have got to wonder if the journey has came to an end. Yet another horrible performance and key players just don't appear to be putting in the effort. Frustrated, annoyed, concerned That's how I feel
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