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  1. Agree. First half we were disjointed and all over the place at times. Though the subs changed the game and we dominated second half. Total opposite of Saturday
  2. And there you have it. The good the bad and the ugly supporting rovers. Diabolical in the first half playing against a really poor team. For all the (well deserved) abuse he gets credit to TM in the second half. His subs changed the game. Butterworth and khedra changed the game. Total opposite from Saturday, imagine had we bagged the 3 points then. We would be sitting 3rd in the table.
  3. Good point. Nyambe has already had injury issues this season. Ayala hasn't (touch wood).
  4. I expect carter to come straight back in tonight. Can nyambe play 2 games in four days? TK Carter Pickering Lenihan Ayala Clarkson Trav Rothwell Diaz Gally Dolan
  5. Another good point yesterday. I was expecting an absolute disaster of a season and I know it's early days but its a case of so far so good as far as I'm concerned. I'm over for the first time since Preston in Jan 2020, for the Luton and hull games. Is the brown cow still the best bar for a few pre match pints?
  6. Very good player. Big things expected from him from a very young age
  7. best of luck to arma - i think and hope that he does well in the PL. He has all the attributes so i dont see why not. Really unlike TM to speak about another clubs player so openly so i feel that we must have some sorta side deal already done with the saints. I just hope that we dont regret under cutting mike ashley. the only thing with signing obefemi is i was hoping with armas inevitable departure it would see Gally getting more game time as a central forward, but now i fear he will be shunted out wide again to fit in another forward.
  8. Cheers for the reply - sad to see ewood like that. i used to be so proud of the stadium,. imo there can be no excuse for not keeping the ground clean. Im over in September for the Luton & Hull games - ill maybe bring a bucket and a sponge and clean it myself lol
  9. For anyone at the ground on Saturday what was the general condition of Ewood like ? For obvious reasons i havent been at the ground since the Preston game in Jan 2020. At that game i was surprised how tired and dirty the ground looked. The outside of the stands, the metal structures on the roof of the stands etc all looked in desperate need of a good power wash.
  10. Like everyone else I am absolutely delighted to start the season with a win. Positives? Pickering and Diaz. Special praise to Buckley. He was awesome in my opinion. Happy enough to take this season on a game by game basis. TM ain't leaving anytime soon, so we may as well suck it up and see how it goes. Enjoy your Saturday night folks
  11. This is the most downbeat I have been with regards to rovers. Wafer thin squad with massive holes in it and the season starts next week. We always do our business late, so I am hoping that we bring a few much needed faces in this week. A very good performance against Leeds was backed up by a horrible 60 minutes against Bolton. Positives? Pickering will be a good signing & Brereton looks like he is on a real high. But biggest positive so far has been Buckley for me. Excellent against Leeds and excellent again today in a position we are desperately short in. Armstrongs head has been turned. No surprise. He knows the club are desperate to sell him. Why should he bust his balls and risk injury? If all we can manage is a few 'big club' loanees we are in for a looooooooong season. Get this dinasaur and his mates out of my club now.
  12. Likewise I always thought the barracking of Ferguson was OTT. Granted I didn't go to as many games back then. But I thought he was just starting to settle and look like a decent player when he got that horrible injury. Then he left shortly after he returned I think.
  13. Miles Anderson will always be my number 1 in this topic. It boils my blood that he got a contact and a wage from our club. Hateful. After that in no particular order. Bradley orr. Leon best, Danny Murphy, etithu, the Portuguese contingent & that French lad that big sam signed goulon or something, he was absolutely garbage
  14. For what it's worth I think Raya will shine in the Premier league and get even better. I was absolutely gutted when we sold him for what I considered to be for peanuts. I'm delighted with Kaminski and I also think he is lower premier league quality. But I would much rather that Raya was still with us.
  15. Today's performance just summed up our season perfectly. Played some decent football but we lack organisation and that ruthless streak to see games out. We will always give the opposition a goal. Even poor teams like Rotherham. I'm clinging on to the hope that TM will do the the right thing and walk as soon as the season is over.
  16. Formica for sure could have been so much better than what he was
  17. He was a young up and coming manager at the time. Had done really well with mk dons and I thought at the time he would have been a good fit for us. We all know how it worked out for him in the end, but I for one didn't criticise the appointment at the time.
  18. For me Mowbray had enough credit in the bank to see this season through and walk away with his head held high. If that doesn't happen then he is taking the piss
  19. Very lucky to be still in the game at half time. Derby should be in front & they are poor. We need a point or 2 to scrape past relegation then get rid off him in the summer
  20. Would like an update on this if anyone has been by Ewood recently. Weeds still growing? Still dirty looking from the outside?
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