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  1. I want us to win every game and nothing will ever change that so I'm all for another 12 points. However i hope the small chance of a good end of season doesn't stop the need for a change of management. It would worry me all like the day Steve Kean managed to steal a few decent final results and keep us up against Wolves and he was given a clean slate prior to the season of doom.
  2. Bloody spelling Replace not with now. Mowbray needs to go.
  3. The season has been a weird one and a huge disappointment. There is one game that defined our season was Bristol City Away. To paint a picture our form into that game was P16 W7 D4 L 5 GF 31 GA 19. PPG was 1.56 Our defence wasn’t great but we always pressed from the front and Armstrong was on fire 14 goals from 15 games. We were only 6 points from top spot and had showed great fight against Brentford away a few days earlier. I remember that game Armstrong took a huge amount of chances looking more desperate as he shot on sight and the late winner shot our confidence and derailed
  4. I'd say 4 points keeps us safe. Our goal difference helps. I really hope we beat Derby so I can relax. Ridiculous we are in this position.
  5. I think we all want mowbray out but I want to stay in the championship more
  6. Surely it's time Mowbray is Crucified for this, no rising from the dead on this one.
  7. Not sure if it was mentioned but BBC live feed said we are after Anthony Gordon from Everton.
  8. Surely a team us not going to let us have a 6th loan knowing we can only have 5 in a squad. Unless we are sending Tom back to Norwich.
  9. What? Was class when he came on today
  10. Reality is we are going to struggle to do much better then this at this stage of the season. Was criminal not to sign another CB last summer.
  11. Unfortunately, despite being very pleased initially with our summer business you are somewhat correct. Good: The Belgium. Elliott -although only a loan. Dolan - although having Elliott is actually hindering his development. Okay: Downing - not really involved yet few decent cameos, depends on how much we are paying him. Trybull- certainly wouldn't sign him but a slight upgrade on Evans. Bad: Ayala- maybe okay if he was ever fit. Imagine he's on a fair wage. Was always the risk and the risk meant we should have signed a 2nd CH. Douglas- o
  12. It would be like the opposite to when we used to play Samba as a striker in the big Sam days. I actually agree with you, Gally is not a great attacker but what often gets him in the team sheet is his defensive Workrate.
  13. Agreed, we would all prefer if we win and play well. We played much better last 2 games and got 0 points. Today we played rubbish and got 3. Today felt like the home game against Barnsley last year when Tony nearly walked. I think a loss today would have been a tipping point. Instead he lives another day, with a string of fixtures I'd mark as being achievable to get points. In which I mean we are mainly playing bottom half teams.
  14. It's almost uncool to congratulate TM but he certainly deserved it today. He managed that 2nd half very well. I believe his thinking of Buckley at RB was he'd be similar to JRC in that position and out of the 4 we had at the back at the time could offer the long pass out. However his instant reaction to tactics following Brentford's final subs decided our game.
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